May 31st, 2010


Let's sew everything twice!

By the time I'm done with this costume, I'm either going to be really proud of it, or I'm going to hate it. I can't tell which it is going to be yet.

I swear I've had to re-sew everything twice so far. The only thing that seems to have gone smoothly was hemming the leggings I bought after I chopped a leg off. The first bootcover I worked on didn't work out, even though I used the super cute pattern I drafted for my Tales of Symphonia costume. I have to do that over again, but I haven't picked it back up yet. I had to re-do the sleeves on the undershirt, and re-do everything on the red tunic at least twice.

I've been taking photos, but it doesn't really seem like I have much to show for all my hard work. Maybe I should upload them anyway, so it feels like I'm doing somthing XP I have enough scratches and gouges in my fingers to make it look like I've been working on somthing on a much grander scale, though! I'm just not good with color blocking at all, and there's a lot of it on this tunic. Originally, I thought I'd just cut out strips and heat'n'bond them on, but the heat'n'bond isn't sticking at all. It's somthing to do with the two types of bottomweight I'm using I guess. The red bottomweight I have is the stuff I use for everything.. Red Mage Refia, Arche's pants, anything else red I've done... If I made an Inu Yasha, it would totally be out of this fabric! The white is some mystery crap I found in the scrap bin. I think I made an under-kimono out of it or somthing. I found a remnant with a seam on it that looks like I trimmed a sleeve short. That stuff is stiff and totally strange.

Anyway... the heat'n'bond didn't hold the white stuff at all. As soon as I put it on the back of the top, it started peeling off and fraying everywhere. I ended up having to pin it all back down and satin stitch around the edges. Rather than having to satin stitch EVERYTHING, I went with color blocking for the black stripe around the neck/edge of the top. I wanted it all in once peice, and the neckline cuves a lot, so it was challenging sewing it down without having it pucker or buckle. I then used a technique I use for keyhole necks to make a smooth neckline without having to hem. You cut out a second peice just like the shape of the neck and lay it on top. Then stitch around the edge and fold it over. Unfortunately, you can't really tack it down on the inside, or it causes everything to go funny. I found that out last night and had to rip a stitch out there :P I'll have to fake-serge it later because it also frays like hell.

So while I've finished the body of the tunic, hemmed everything (except apparently the bottoms of the armpits.. WTF. I thought I did that.. Oh well... Hello Mr. Bias Tape!), applied the white stripe in the back, and the black stripes. That means I'm maybe.. half way done -..-

Today, I'd like to get the white stripe on, if nothing else. It took me most of the day yesterday to satin stitch the white stripe on, finish hemming the bottom, put the black stripe on, and face it. In other words, it took a lot of time to do not much at all in the grand scheme of things. After that, I still have to put a zipper on, add 3 pockets, and add all the little red ties in the front. I think I'm just going to sew them on or somthing so I don't have to deal with them every time I get dressed.

After that, the costume will be about 65% finished. I'll still have to make a belt. The belt needs a lot of D-rings sewn to it, so it'll be a little more time consuming than a normal waistband. I'll have to sew some straps to hold my butt book, and I'll have to make both bootcovers. I've been saving some ribbed red jersey for another project I'll probably never get around to, so I'll use that for the long red sock-like one. Not sure how I'll put the yellow stripes on yet. I'd like to paint them, since I don't like the look of sewn-on ribbon. I'm also thinking of just taking some thin white elastic and coloring it yellow and tacking that down. It'll help the thing stay up better, I think, and I'll have my stripes without that weird puckering look you get from sewing ribbon on somthing that stretches. I'll just have to make sure the elastic is slack, or the whole thing will look really goofy when I'm wearing it. I'll figure that out later :/

I'll probably make the belt, then the red sock next, because those two peices are the next largest after the tunic to make the costume look completed.

Did you know JoAnn's stopped selling ribbon by the spool? It's total bullshit. I paid 5 bucks for 2 yds of yellow satin ribbon when the whole spool would have cost the same ammount before they started pulling that crap. I'm kind of pissed about that. When I brought the spool to the counter they were like "This is sold by the yard. If you want the whole spool, it's 25 bucks" and I was like "WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" >:O

In fact, just thinking about it makes me >:O

PS: Needs more votes on WTF to bring to the convention. Just click somthing already!