May 15th, 2010


Back home!

...and tired!

My legs are puffy and sore and stiff and weird. I need like.. a day of putting them up to drain the fail from them. Goddamn I need to get back into the weight loss thing.

Anyway...I have sovengiers for some people :X I couldn't afford to bring back stuff for everyone, sorry! I couldn't find any tiny spoons in the style Mom used to collect, but I did get her a really awesome one. It just won't match the others. All I had to do was put up with some pervy persian guy staring down my top the whole time I was in the store! Minor inconveniences

I'd post photos or talk about the trip some more, but I'm exhausted, and I haven't unpacked yet. I need my Matt time.

It was a blast, though!
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