May 9th, 2010


Bummer, dude!

I had a great opportunity for a one liner yesterday, and Matt totally didn't get it! :(

He noticed the cat got me good a few days ago, and I have some fang marks on my arm. He was commenting about how bad it looked, and I was like.."Eh, it's not that bad. MY BODY IS A ROAD MAP OF PAIN!"

The quote was from the crepy FBI dude in the Frighteners. He strips his clothes off to show all these wacky occult marks and starts freaking out and yells that. I found out...

Matt has never seen The Frighteners. WUT

I used my awesome ipad to hop over to netflix (from bed) and found out it isn't available for streaming. I am so sad! That movie was awesome. I'm thinking about renting or buying it now and making him watch it. And yes, I'm almost ashamed of myself for being such a dork with what I guess is an obscure movie quote.

Yesterday, though, *DID* pick up and watch The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. It wasn't bad.
I was expecting somthing a little different, I think. While I was watching it, I kept thinking "You rack diciprine!" I saw so much potential in that movie. It was pretty cool, visually, but some of the computer generated effects wern't as polished as others. (It really bothered me when Mr. Nick and Valentina were dancing.. because it would have been so much better if they hadn't whipped the camera angle around so much. It made even the physical parts with them look fake. I know Terry Gilliam was going for a dizzying effect, but the CG'ed glass shards made it look kind of corny)

I kept thinking "If this character were developed a little better..." or "If this part of the story was paced a little better..." it could have been amazing. I can't help but think that maybe some of this was due to Heath Ledger's passing, and he was working with the footage he had. On the other hand, most of the things I thought that needed tweaking to make this moving more incredible were all in the script. I'm no critic, but while watching, I really felt like this movie had more potential and just didnt' seem to reach it.

That being said, all the actors are amazing. All the imaginarium sequences are a lot of fun, and while I thought that some of the CG during those segments looked a litte... windows 98 screensaver-y... You noticed the distinctive styles of each world, and I could appreciate that for what it was. I was a little angry with myself for not figuring out until the end of the movie what the hell that stupid little pipe was for, though. They don't really go out and say it, so I'm sure there are other people who watched it that never "got it"
This was written by the same guy that's worked with Gilliam in the past. He wrote screenplays for Baron Munchausen and Brazil.. as well as a non-Gilliam film that was pretty fun, Plunket& Maclane. Maybe I just have a special spot in my heart for Munchausen, but it seemed that with all the paralells between the two, Imaginarium would have felt more like an epic fantasy than the disjointed weird thing it was. But still... I liked it and I don't regret buying it on Blu-ray. But yeah.. brilliant movie, script needed some tweaking to make it incredibly brilliant.

I still have to pack :X I'm leaving tomorrow for Dallas, then Tues for NYC.
I also have to run the laundry, the dishes, take the trash out, and clean out the cat litter so I don't leave Matt with a messy house when I leave :X
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