March 4th, 2010


Today was fairly eventful!

I'm feeling a little worn out from dealing with all of it, but the fact that neither of us got much sleep last night doesn't really help.

Two days ago, we decided to finally do somthing about the dead bank of lights in the guest bathroom. I really wanted to get those fixed before my relatives visited, but it didn't happen due to various other reasons. At any rate, I figured that even though grandparents and great-aunt have come and gone, it's no reason to slack even more on it. We went to the hardware store and picked out some light fixtures, and I called an electrician to come out and install them all. The lady I spoke too hung up too quickly for me to tell her how many fixtures we had, so the electrician was a little dismayed when he arrived. Oops!

Our master bath, the guest bath, the kitchen, and the dining area all have new lighting, though! I figured that while we were replacing the one in the guest bath, we might as well get a matching one for the master bath, since the lighting that was above the toilet/tub was like.. discount bargain office flourescents. Not so cute. We picked out two new 4 ft banks of flourescents for the bathroom. The fixtures match the other stuff I have going on in there right now, so it works out great. It's that oil-brushed metal whatever... Anyway, it looks almost black. The kitchen lighting is pretty much the same, but instead of two 8 foot banks that take 8 foot bulbs, we switched to two 8 foot banks that are really tandem 4 footers... so everything takes the same sized light rod thing now. The new industry standard is going to these smaller bulbs that take less energy and have lower mercury content and blahblahblah sounds great, so yay.

For the dining area, we got some silvery looking thing with three cups hanging down. The silvery stuff pretty much matches all the cabinet and drawer handles, so while we were looking for things that were attractive in general, it was a major bonus to find things that also matched with the rest of the house.

We didn't bother with any of the other lighting in the house. I know people say the living room is too dark, but we're pretty much happy with everything else we have. The new lights are all super bright, so I'm sure the living room will be brighter now that we have 4 working banks above the kitchen instead of like.... half or one fixture. We ran out of bulbs, but everything is so bright already! (We bought a 12 pack, but needed 16. oops! Gotta go get some more later...)

In addition to all of that, I called the lawn guys up to talk about things we wanted done for the year. While walking around the yard pointing at things and talking about what needed to get trimmed, etc, I noticed that our fence on one side of the house was completely shot and falling apart. I never noticed it before because I don't go to that side of the house (outside) that often at all. Well crap! So in addition to the anual tree-trimming, we're having the lawn dudes put in a new fence. It's somthing they just started doing this year, but I think it will be great. They've been working hard for the past two days on the various tasks I've given them. I'm also having a pea gravel barrier installed around the edge of the foundation. This will help keep crap from growing right up against the house, make it easier to paint later, and will help deter bugs from getting in. The thin parts will be pea gravel, and the thicker area around the back by the deck will be some sort of lava rock. I don't know what color. I'm not too picky, so I figured I'd let them do whatever. Black or red, it doesn't matter which.

Tomorrow I've got my anual physical with the doctor. It's been delayed a few times because somthing always seems to come up at the last minute. Hopefully the lawn guys don't block me in so I can leave. :X

In gaming news, I finished nearly everything there is to do in Ragnarok DS. I don't have 100% quest completion, but we finished the mirage tower, and I've completed the main story line. I'm a little sad that it wasn't bigger, and there wern't more areas from the original game, but I had a lot of fun with it. Sure, there wasn't quite as much gear, as many hats, or cards, or enemies, or dungeons, but it's ragnarok you can play solo wherever! I thought it was pretty great. I'll have to pick up Final Fantasy XIII tomorrow and give that a shot. White Knight Chronicles was put on a backburner because I got angry with a sewer-level dungeon. I'll have to finish that eventually so I can say I've beaten a PS3 game. At least one, you know. >..<

At any rate, I've been busy as hell trying to clean up after all the stuff we've had done. Matt finally got the new computer he was waiting on since October, and there was a lot of packing I had to try to fit in the can from that. I also had a lot of sweeping/vaccuming/scrubbing/etc to do after the electrician left, because most of those fixtures hadn't been touched in 10 years and were downright disgusting.

Anyone want pictures? I can take some pictures of the new fixtures if people are curious :P Even the fence, etc after that's done. May be a few more days, though. I gave them a LOT to do...
sniper lawl


So apparently FFXIII comes out next Tues, not last Tues. Whoops!

By the way- Don't be mad at me. I'm letting you know like two weeks in advance, celine

The new Tri-Ace game is coming out on the 16th. Resonance of Fate

Also, there's some RPG released by Nippon Ichi called Last Rebellion. It has some dude that looks like evil Luke/that red=haired guy from Kingdom Hearts that all the creepy fangirls have to cosplay teams up with a Colette lookalike, and they fight stuff. They share a body and bicker over who gets to use it, and it's totally not a Tales game. The reviews say it is terribad!