September 22nd, 2009


Sea mail: NEVAR AGAIN!

It's been raining hard here the past few days. Since I found our poor dead friend, Mr. Squirrel, out on the walk, I haven't been out to check the mail. Back in July, I placed an order with J-list, and I guess I completely forgot to select a shipping method. They send me an email saying it shipped by sea mail, and I'd get it in like 2 months. BLAH!

I finally did get it today. It was in the mailbox since yesterday I think. The postal dudes didn't ring the doorbell and drop it off. They just kind of wedged it in the mailbox and left the mailbox wide open, where the box got thoroughly soaked.

I was bummed.

Matt found it and brought it in, and unpacked everything. It wasn't hard to do, since the box fell apart in his hands. It's a shame I waited two months on freaking sea mail just to have this happen at the last minute. Most everything appears to be ok, though. The super dorky electronic item works ok. (some Evangelion earbuds for my ipod- the covers of the earbuds look like Asuka's interface clips) Pretty much everything was sealed in plastic except for my industrial sized box of sakura-scented incense, which is thoroughly soaked. It was super super cheap, though, so even if I can't get it dried out and usable, it's an acceptable loss, I guess. I mean 3 bucks.. it sucks, but it's not a huge loss.

The other thing I held a sort of morbid excitement for were the food drops. They're drop candies that come in tins.. but hamburger and taco flavored. I'm really curious to see if they actually taste like the food they're supposed to taste like, but another part of me is kind of afraid they're going to be totally gross. They were also cheap, and on sale at the time if you bought three, so I totally got a bunch XD I have sasebo hamburger, some sort of regional mexican taco flavor, and I think I have some beef noodle type or somthing. I don't remember what I got, but the pictures on the tins are exciting!

I'll report back later on those when I'm feeling brave enough to try one. Since they're sealed in tins, I'm 98% certain no moisture got in, so they should be A-ok.

But seriously? Sea mail? Not if I can fucking help it.