September 21st, 2009



I'm in the post-big-project-lethargy-slump.

I've been getting a little bit of housework done, and I've been trying to concentrate on getting back on track with my diet/exercize, but I haven't even been down to Jo Ann's yet to get material for Halloween costumes.

I really want to get my Monarch Minion costume done in time for Halloween, even if I don't end up doing anything. I'll wear it alone, at home, and confuse small children, KKTHX

Last year, we only had two cars, though...

We have a lot of argiope aurantia around the house right now. They're different from the kind we had last year in the walkway, but they are just as big and scary looking. These are your common yellow garden orb weavers. They're quite large, with fat black bodies. They have yellow and black splotches on them, and they have brown and black legs. Of course, you could just google image search argiope aurantia, and you'd find many photos. I was thinking about just linking a pic, but I do have a few people on my freinds list that are arachnaphobic. I don't think they even read my journal, but in respect for them, I won't post large photos of large creepy spiders.

If my ladies don't move away from the house by the time halloween comes, though, I will have to destroy the webs and hope they move further away. I don't want to scare the kids with real spiders.

I keep thinking about trying to sell some of this clutter on ebay. I need to just get over it, buy a bunch of priority mail boxes, and throw a bunch of stuff up there to see what happens. We have a lot of junk from when we were dating, and Matt bought me little toys and stuff, just because he could I guess. We'd be up in Dallas or somewhere shopping.. stuff like Hot Topic and EBgames, since we didn't have anything like that in Waco... and I'd say "ooh, this toy looks kinda neat, huh?" and he'd buy it for me XD Even if it wasn't somthing I'd normally get myself. I guess he was doing everything he thought would make me happy to woo me or somthing :O

I have a lot of fond memories of our stupid shopping trips, but I don't think I need to keep all the pokemon toys. I'll keep a few >..> But not all of them. He doesn't need to impress me, and I don't need piles of.. STUFF.. so maybe someone else that has a hardon for nurse Jenny wants a PVC figure or somthing.

I also found out that the cardcaptor sakura toys I got from Toys R US many many years ago are apparently worth big bucks on the secondary market for cosplayers looking for accurate props. It doesn't surprise me at all, but what DID surprise me were the prices these things were fetching. 75-100$ for the plastic clow card book?!? Authentic sailor moon toys are even more nuts. I'm thinking about selling my little plastic luna P, too. It's the US released "Luna Sphere" When you turn it on, you can press down on the ears to make the eyes light up, and there's a motion sensor in the front so when you pass in front of it, it meows at you. It also opens up to a jewelry box, and has a seperate base for display. It's really cool! Maybe I don't really want to get rid of it yet D:

I was thinking about selling my Haro, too. I've never been a big gundam fan, but I have fallen for these little retarded things. I mean.. that line that goes across makes it look like such a dopey mouth! Plus this haro moves and screams at you, and there's like Gundam eyecatch music that plays when you set the alarm XD But seriously.. this is hardcore gundam fan shit, and i'm not a hardcore gundam fan. I forgot I had this for years! I just found it and wanted it to open up and be active again, but it takes so long to make freinds with it that Matt was going nuts with the random noises, and I had to turn it off. Kind of like furby yoda!

Oh man. If I spend time thinking about all this crap, I won't ever be able to get rid of it.

Maybe tomorrow I'll just spend all day dicking around with my computer. This piece of shit won't update video card drivers. I have an Nvidia 8000 series card. The OS is Windows Vista 32bit. The drivers I downloaded are for this card and this OS. When I try to install, it craps out after a while, or just plain says I'm not running vista and it can't install. I need to fight with it to get it to update, and I REALLY REALLY need this driver update to clear up some of the problems I've been having lately. argh
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