August 28th, 2009


The worst has happened.

My sewing machine is fucking up. If I take it in today, it'll be out until at least next Thurs. This costume... isn't happening.

I've worked so hard on it. I feel like crying.

I wish I knew how to fix my machine myself when this happens. I feel like I have to take this machine in way too much for how good Berninas are supposed to be. It is no longer under warrenty, and it costs easily 70 bucks every time I have to take it in to be serviced. It would be more economical to buy a new machine every 3 years, seriously.

Right now, the machine freaked out, made a huge mess under the fabric, and stopped picking up bobbin thread. I've cleaned it all out and re-threaded everything, and the needle no longer picks up the bobbin thread at all. The timing is off, and fixing timing is somthing very complicated.

Ugh. I'm fucked.
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