August 7th, 2009


New Tellah in-progress photos

Last night, I pretty much finished the wig. I styled it up a little bit more, separated the little points of his hair, and tipped the ends with purple and two shades of pink. I also finished the bases of the shoes. The shoes need fabric, trim, and decoration now.

Photos up on here

I think next, I'm going to cut out the shirt and get the shirt going. When I take my regular procrastination breaks on sewing the shirt, I'll work on the shoes a little bit more. If I don't finish Tellah, I need to at least finish the shoes so I have shoes to wear with Gogo :X You know.. since I decided to re-make the Gogo shoes.

Right now, I need to lift weights, take a shower, put fresh towels in the guest bathroom, and clear all the laundry off the guest bed.

Got dishes done and floor swept in the kitchen earlier. I'm busy busy today!