July 27th, 2009


I found it!!

I spent the better part of the evening going through old boxes of college crap, highschool crap, and other various crap looking for my highschool ring, but I came up empty. I found all my old band medals, my alarm clock from college, a ton of sailor moon toys I'd forgotten I had, and a ton of other stuff, but my search was fruitless until I thought of one last place to look in the bathroom.

I found my ring in a sliding cabinet! whohoo!

The best part? It fits.. loosely! I never had to get this one resized, and there was a point where it just wouldn't fit anymore. Even though I'm not a size 9 anymore (yet?) my fingers and hands have returned to thier previous states XD

One of the reasons I was so confused when I was looking for it before is that I stopped wearing the ring on a valentine's day when Matt gave me an emerald ring. I put my class ring in the emerald ring's box, because I wasn't sure if I still had my class ring box. The emerald ring came from a jeweler's we don't normally go to, so when I found one of those boxes empty, it was frustrating. However!! They apparently gave us a second box when I took it in to be resized all those years ago, and the empty one I found was the second box. The first box was in a cabinet with a bunch of acryllic nails, some perfume I don't wear, and my charm bracelet. (Speaking of my Charm bracelet, it has two class of '98 charms, a moon& star charm I absolutely love, and a sweet 16 charm. I got a BU charm for it when I graduated from Baylor, but it didn't come with the jump ring I needed to attach it, and I keep forgetting to go and buy one. I have jewelry pliers now, though!)

Anyway.. I like I said the first time I went looking for it.. I don't know that I'll be wearing it a whole lot, but it sure is nice to find it again. This time, I'll put it in one of my jewelry boxes, so it isn't sitting lost in a ring box anymore :X

So the pictures I took the other night were too dark for people to see anything, so maybe on Matt's week off, I'll have him take some more :O
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