July 24th, 2009


I hate those Bumpit! commercials

I mean, seriously. I guess the Sarah Palin look is in, or whatever, but those things are hideous. I imagine they're selling really well, too. At least, in Texas...

It got me thinking, though. What would be better than a bumpit for that sort of hair style?



With two planks and some string you, too can have fabulously high hair without the trouble of having to constantly style it with hard plastic add ons!

Warning: effects of Mayan Bumpit! are permenant. Mayan Bumpit must be applied during childhood or Mayan Bumpit will not be effective. Mayan Bumpit is not responsible for any injury, death, or microcephaly that may occur due to the use of Mayan Bumpit. Mayan Bumpit users are not guaranteed the intelligence of actual ancient Mayans, but we can tell you the world is ending in 2012. Sorry!