July 12th, 2009


I'm feeling kind of retro

I think I'm going to install Baldur's gate or Neverwinter Nights or somthing. I never beat any of those. I beat Dungeon siege back in the day, but I remember it was super buggy, and you could exploit to the end. lawl.

I want to try and beat Arcanum, but who knows where my save file is D:

I love those kinds of D&D based PC games, but I have a really bad habit. I make whatever class I'm playing really proficient at stealing things, then I just wander around and steal people's stuff and never progress the plot.

It's a miracle I even beat Icewindale!


Can I make an Amano-style FF4 costume in a month and a half? >:O WUT
I need to take fabric inventory and figure out WTF garments I plan to make... just in case

...And I wonder if we can find a tiny freind to wear this Edward costume I've been hanging onto. I bought it second-hand from an amazing costumer a few years back. It was for my little brother, but it didn't fit him like I thought it would. I was about 2 inches off on the measurements and having an Edward would be awesome >..>