May 9th, 2009


Fabric hunt! Let's destroy some pants!

Today I'm going to go through all my bins and see if I can't find that gold upholstery satin. I tried very hard yesterday to find it, but I didn't get around to looking through the bins. The pants I made with the fabric were really silly, and it would be a shame to get rid of them. However, I absolutely have to have this headdress match >:O I remember buying a sizable ammount of that fabric.. It was a huge remnant. I made pants and still had a lot left over. I've used it on two Mayuri costumes, and on the Arshtat gold flappy thing. I thought for certain I had more left over, but I may have forgotten just how much fabric the Arshtat costume took. If that is the case, those gold pants are doomed.

Now that I have my sewing machine back, I need to thread it with black and do some repairs.

I have a NISA Pleineir shirt that lost some stitching on a sleeve, and it's been sitting on a chair in the dining area ever since. I need to fix that up, and then move onto the next project.

Back when Tania& I went to go see DETHKLOK last summer, I made the most rediculous outfit ever. I made an entire pleated skirt out of that snakeskin material. It's fabulous! Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that stuff wont' fray.. evar... and rolled the hem on it. By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late to rip the stitches out and re-hem everything, and I had to go. The reason it's no bueno is because the rolled hem makes the hem way too bulky, and the pleats won't sit properly. Right now, it looks more like I was going for some angsty Sailor Moon skirt. By the time I get around to ripping that seam out and re-hemming it, it probably won't fit though XD

I had to take off the emerald ring Matt gave me for Valentine's Day when we first started dating. I wore it every day until I graduated, then I wore my Baylor ring for a year or so. Around that time I decided my Baylor degree wasn't really worth anything, and I started wearing the emerald ring again. I think I'd gotten that ring resized once to be 1/2 a size bigger, since I wasn't happy with the way it fit. Anyway, it's sliding around all over the place now, and I can't wear it and feel like it will be safe. My fingers have gotten a little bit smaller, but not enough for me to put the emerald ring on a middle finger :P

My wedding ring is starting to get loose, too. I don't think I'm at the point where I need to get it resized, but it's starting to slide around a little as well. Not as much as the emerald ring, though. I may wait a year or two and see what my stabilized end weight is, and get them both resized. I'm a little wary of getting the wedding ring resized, though. It's a two-part engagement/wedding ring, and I had them weld the two together so I wouldn't lose one (since I'm clutzy that way). We'll see.

At any rate, back to the Baylor ring on the right hand for now. After being used to wearing a ring on each hand for so many years, I can't leave that finger empty, or I'll keep freaking out every time I realize that finger is empty.

I really can't complain, though, because the weight loss has been slow, but steady. I've had more bad food days than I can count, where I know I've eaten somthing I shouldn't, or I've eaten too many calories, but I've been keeping it together long enough to keep progressing in the direction I want. I'm starting to see a little more muscle definition in my arms and legs, despite the fact that they're all still drowning in fat. I can't say I've noticed clothes fitting differently yet (after about 13-15 lbs lost), but I think I'm losing it all in weird little places first, like my fingers, neck, etc.

I need to remember to stop by card& party shop next week and look for some blingy gold grillz. Mayuri's teeth look like they match his hat. I'll pass on the butter yellow and go straight for the pimpin' gold. I think it will be hilarious


I could not find any remnants of the Mayuri gold, so I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to destroy some pants. They were only worn once, so that's ok, right? :O

Well, I glued the next peice to the wig and realized...

It wasn't even the same fabric -..-

Apparently I had run out of the Mayuri gold before I started the second Mayuri head, and used some other gold casa satin scraps that I had lying around. It doesn't match at all..


I have more of the gold casa so I can finish no prob -..-

Pants: Destroyed
Wig: Has one unmatching peice that is permenantly glued down
Prognosis: LAWL