January 19th, 2009


I hate jeans.

I always feel so lost when it comes to shopping for them. I want them to be snug, but I don't want them too tight.. rolls of fat everywhar=bad. On the other hand, if I find a pair that are comfortable in the butt, thighs& hips, they're like.. many inches too huge in the waist. If I get somthing that's comfortable in the waist, it'll be too tight in the hips, or I won't be able to stuff my thighs in them. It's all disgusting to think about, really. I found some stretchy ones at Wal-mart a while back that were saggy and nice. When they were new, they fit great. When I wash them, they fit great. But since they're stretchy, they stretch out so much that after an hour or so of wearing them, I can pull them down and get out of them without undoing the zipper or top button D: So... those arn't exactly flattering either. The reason they were totally great in the hips/butt/thighs to begin with was because they were stretchy, but that was the same reason they sucked after 15 min.

The worst part about all of this? This is how it's always been, regardless of my fluctuating weight. When I was lighter, it was still the same. Huge calfs so I can't wear cute boots, short enough so that it's hard to find jeans the right length without hemming, and hips too big for the butt-to-waist ratio of the industry standard of jeans-making-ness-thing.

Wal-Mart always has somthing that fits, but never anything that fits well. Target doesn't cater to my fat-ness, I think D: And every time I look around Lane Bryant, I think I'm right outside their size windows... not to mention all the jeans they sell have really hideously huge decorations on the ass pockets. That's bad when you don't want your ass to look huge! WTF Lane Bryant! I thought you made stuff that was supposed to look GOOD in larger sizes! Not butt-bling.

So in the end, I sometimes end up thinking I should spend the rest of my life in slacks, but I like to wear T-shirts too much, and I don't have enough blouses to do that forever. I would like one pair of jeans that looks good and fits comfortably, though :( And I don't want to make them myself. (I can't until I get to the bottom of my horrible sewing machine problems, though)

It's totally frustrating, but I think I'm going to go out and look around again today. I'm also totally on my period, so any pants shopping done this week is probably a horrible idea... but I'm tired of not being able to say "damn, these jeans are comfortable AND I'm happy with how I look in them!"
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