October 21st, 2008


Aaahhh.. It stings!

I had another appointment today. This time, it was with a general surgeon. I had the twins removed from the back of my head. I'm very much looking forward to it healing up. I swear, I'm so sensitive to pressure, etc on my head. Most regular headbands give me headaches. Cloth headbands will give me headaches XD I don't get it. Anyway, the two bumps are gone now. They decided to send them off for testing this time. I should have named them. I guess I still can. Goodby Bill& Ted! I won't miss you!

Unfortunately now, I have a headache because the sites of the stitches ache and sting now that the local has worn off D:

I figured I'd treat myself to a latte and pick up the new Castlevania game on the way home. When I hit the Gameslop, I asked if UPS had dropped off the order yet today, and the dude there just gave me a blank stare. All he had to do was say no, but he was confused and I spent the next 5 min explaining how I'd pre-ordered somthing that would be coming in today. It wasn't enough! He had to know the title and look it up in the computer just to tell me that the order hadn't come in yet, they didn't have it, and I should check back after 2 :P
A winnar is you!