October 12th, 2008


New Phone!

I got a new cel phone today! My cel number hasn't changed, though, so if you have it, it's still the same thing. I shouldn't have lost any of my old numbers either. On the offchance I have, though, please don't be offended if I don't know WTF your cel number is anymore :P

My new phone is purple and has a camera in it! It's a total upgrade from my old one. My old one was an ancient discontinued Samsung x460 in light blue. It was nice, and flipped shut and did most of what I needed it to do. It was sturdy, and only occassionally locked up.. but it was ooooolllld. The battery had seen better days as well. It was starting to have a really hard time keeping a charge for more than 2 days. So, I upgraded!

The new hotness is still a cheapie.. only 30 bucks after discounts and rebates, etc. I really don't need anything fancy, though. It's a Motorola W490 in that kinda purplish color. It's more of a darker grape than a bright purple. Matt thought I was going to go for the pink one!! (I almost did, too, but purple wins more) It's basically just like a Razr, but a much shorter width. I've never had a phone with a camera in it before, so it seems pretty fancy to me. Since I don't use the cel phone a ton or text a lot, I'm a little behind the times on the cel phone technology, but I'm super excited already. This is the first phone i've had where I'll actually be able to customize the ring tones! (I think) I'm looking forward to putting some real music clips on here at least... Not default T-mobile ring :P And zomgz! Interesting backgrounds! I need somthing like KT's background. I think hers was just crotch of darkness. Totally awesome!