September 30th, 2008


Noooo... I thought they were done!

Yesterday the roofers came to work on our damaged ceiling. I was really happy that they came back to do it.. but then again, I hadn't paid them the other half of what we owed them :X Bwahaha

I did end up paying them in the afternoon, though, and I was really looking forward to a good night's sleep last night!! Lo and behold, they do the macarena all over the doorbell at 8AM this morning.. wtf?!?! They wanted to mess with the ceiling some more. They'd already plastered up the holes.. which what exactly what I wanted. I figured since we'd paid them, we'd seen the end of them and I'd climb up there and paint it later. But they came back to sand down the plaster and paint it today! Yay! Now you really wouldn't know there was a hole in the ceiling unless I pointed the spot out. On the big dip, they injected some glue or somthing and pushed it all back up. I thought that was hilarious, but hey.. whatever works! You can definitely tell somthing was up by the fireplace, though, but it looks so much better than it did two days ago, so I'm happy with that. All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised that they came back to sand/smooth/paint/etc, after I figured they were already done. Especially since I paid them D: Normally you give a home contractor all their money, and you never see them again! That's one of the reasons we witheld a large portion of the money until the ceiling was fixed XD

I was in a super bad mood for the greater part of yesterday, but I did get out to the gym and it really seemed to help. I need to get out there today too, but now I have somthing else exciting going on!

Apparently, while our roofers were working all last week, our landscapers came by to try to do some of the work I'd asked about last month. They'd been pretty busy and hadn't gotten around to it, but when they did come out, they were run off by the roofers. The roofers had taken over much of the front yard the landscapers intended to mow.. and it was too hazardous around the sides of the house to take the ivy off our oak. Sooo.. they're out here today. That's cool and all, but I still need to hit the gym within the next 2 hours D: I'm not sure what's going to happen now. If they don't finish soon, I'm going to have to stick around to pay them, and I'll end up skipping another day XP At least I can make up on weds if I have to, I guess.

I may not really be losing any weight, but I realized this past week how much I really do need my gym time. I was having one of the worst days I'd had in months yesterday, but after I hit the gym, I felt sooo much better. Last week I had a really horrible break out all over my face, too, and I noticed my skin wasn't feeling the same as usual, and today it all seems so much better too! (Just look at all my cyctic acne in that meme photo from a week ago XP Actually, wait.. it totally got much worse after that photo!)