September 29th, 2008



According to.. well.. everyone on my freinds list... Code Geass ended ENDED today. Not just season ended, but apparently ended Ended ended.

I watched the whole first season. I was really proud of myself for doing this, since I don't like Gundam or mecha shows in general. Evangelion I think was an exception, since it was so weird. And Lamune& 40 fire was a mecha show too? lawl. Since I liked Lamune, though, some of my freinds are convinced I'll love Gurren Lagann if I just give it a chance. I mean... The cast already looks like Lamune, Da Cider, and both the chicks rolled into one boobmonster. There's even a blobby mole thing that almost looks like PQ...


Geass was silly, and I really don't think I could handle a second season, but I'm vaguely curious about what happened.

Please tell me wtf the second season was about, what important things happened, who died, what the major plot revelations were, etc with as many spoilers as you want :P I'm not going to watch the second season, but I feel a strange sort of obligation to at least know the plot, since I saw the first season and made that Cornelia costume XD

SO YEAH WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS IN THE REPLIES IF YOU CARE ABOUT GEASS AND HAVEN'T SEEN THE END. I'm expecting a million people to tell me weird spoilery things down below so I spend my time doing other stupid stuff... like making aliens in that SPORE PC game