August 16th, 2008



So this weekend was apparently Tax-Free weekend! :O
I decided I might as well take advantage of it and fight some people over some clothing. I went into Target wanting to buy a new pair of workout pants, a new pair of sweats for the house, and a pair of jeans that fit a little better. The ones I'm wearing now, you could probably pull off me if you tugged down hard enough XD
I LEFT Target with 5 lbs of gummi bears, 2 new sweats, a new pair of gym pants, and 2 pajama shirts. GO ME! I found this light blue pj tank with tiny black crowns all over it and had to come home with it D: You understand, right?

Anyway, I was getting really fed up with the jean selection at Target, and the try-on line was reaaaallly long, so I think tomorrow I may try Wal-Mart. Then again, I may just keep wearing the same ol same ol until I lose weight& are forced to buy somthing smaller. At this point in time, my current jeans are just baggy& unattractive :P

I also spent all day playing FF4 on DS because the Mayuri horns are pissing me off. I didn't think it would be that hard to fabritac the hair extensions on there, but the extensions are giving me a lot of trouble. I sewed them into wefts, but the first set wasnt' strong enough to hold up to light combing, so I had to make some new wefts with lots of glue to hopefully allow me to comb it as I glue it down and keep everything smooth. The whole process has frustrated me so much that I just chucked it all on the couch, went shoping& did some laundry. For some unknown reason, I woke up at like 9 AM today, so I even got grocery shopping done and had time to get.. CHICKEN BISCUIT!

Anyway.. I should probably force myself to work on this. The Mayuri costume is the only thing I'm remotely interested in right now, so the sooner I finish that, the sooner I can tell myself that Celine will be mad if I don't have this Arche costume ready :X
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