August 15th, 2008

Arshtat determined


I'm totally making progress on my Mayuri horns. I'll upload some new silly photos after the glue on these hair extensions have dried. Both horns have been covered in craft foam now, and I've begun gluing the hair extensions onto them. This is the biggest part of this costume. After I finish the horns, I can make the harness for them. After that, I should be able to sew& finish the new cowl in an afternoon, so at least this is moving along.

I have to make it out to the gym now so that I have a whoel weekend ahead of me without workout woes. I'm procrastinating big time, though. Out of nowhere, I decided I should give a little more attention to my profile and started uploading all sorts of old costumes into my costume list. Before, there were only like 3 costumes on there, so it was a little bare looking. Especially when you consider I've been doing this for like 10 years already with 50+ costumes under my belt. Still, a lot of my old stuff is VERY Lolworthy. I'll be that horrible person that uploads an icon on the page, and no photo gallery. It'll be great. But instead of actually running my ass down to the gym, I've been putzing around with that. I realized I never showed ANYONE my Nemu photos from last year either! XD I look like a total porker and was too embarassed I guess. I suppose a real test of my progress would be to put that exact same costume on this year and see if there is any noticable difference in how it looks. I'd totally do it now to procrastinate more on the gym, but I really shouldn't.

I know I have to finish this Arche costume, but I really have to push myself to make that Cornelia cape, too. I think the costume would pop a lot more if I had it. I should also remember to glue some invisible elastic around the backs of the gloves& boots. OMG I forgot how uncomfortable those boots are. Afest will be great. I totally don't want to go XD
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