August 4th, 2008


Hello August!

I ended July thinking I would be busy every weekend of August until the end of the month. Now I think I've got one weekend with company, and a convention. :( I really haven't started working on ANYTHING for the con yet. It's kind of sad.

There's still ongoing drama with my computer. It's had increasingly frequent blue screens lately, and it's all video card crap. I've felt like pitching the thing out the window on more than one occasion. I just want to go play jigsaw online D: Yesterday I figured it would be easiest if I just shut it off for the day and let it cool down, empty whatever cashe of evil was on there, and try booting it up in a few hours for a WoW raid. Unfortunately, when I tried booting it up yesterday, the fan & case light turned on and it started beeping at me without booting. I groaned in agony, I swear it D: Especially since I'm still not 100% familiar with itunes and I haven't had a chance to back up my library. I swear the worst technological thing that could happen to me this year is losing my playlist before I figure out how to get it backed up, and having a few more weeks of re-doing it, finding cover art for my random J-rock CD singles& obscure indies CDs, etc. It would be miserable. So far every time I've tried to back it up to an external HD or a disk, it looks like it's thinking and then gives up and does nothing. I'll conquer it eventually >:O If my computer ever boots up again...

I was on the phone for about two hours yesterday with tech support, and they didn't want to send someone out, so they had me take the whole damned machine apart myself. It made me sad, because I didn't want to fuck anything up while I was digging around in there. After pulling all sorts of parts out and putting them back together, we managed to track it down to a bad stick of memory. They're mailing a part out and hopefully it'll be back together tomorrow. If I'm EXTREMELY lucky, it'll take care of ALL the problems I've been having. Maybe all my crashes were due to the videocard hitting the bad sector of ram on the bad stick of ram and causing everything to freak the fuck out. Worst case scenario is that it continues to have problems and I have to continue to call tech support 1-2 times every other month until they agree to just take the lemon back and give me another. And that's another whole day of re-installing crap. OMG, WoW takes so long to install and patch since it's been out for so many years D: I need to back up my add-ons folder too! crap!

Anyway, I got all sorts of motivated on Friday and dug up all my Mayuri photos. Right when I was about to start working on it, though, Matt wanted help with somthing in game and I got dragged into doing all this other random stuff I wasn't really in the mood for and didn't get a damned thing done. I really need to go to one of the many ghetto hair places in Waco and get a few bags of blue extensions. Is anyone keeping up with the Bleach anime right now? If so, I need confirmation that Mayuri's new amazing hat has blue hair horns and not somthing else exciting. Lack of confirmation will lead me to just make it how I was planning to anyway, with a gold little pharoh's beard and blue horns made with hair extensions and foam D: I mean, his hair is blue, so it makes sense to me. I could always make the "prison bitch Mayuri" outfit and use that blue wig Nick bought like 8 years ago for that DiGiCharat outfit and left in my closet. I'd just have to trim the back and sides of the wig cap off and glue it to a spandex cowl. It'd be great, I swear! I'd wear very little clothing and run around in an under kimono like a madman. Unfortunately, I think I'd need to buy a white bodysuit to put under the kimono D: Maybe my brother still has that one he bought for the Link costume that never happened...

Why don't I just do like 3 different Mayuri costumes for Animefest and forget about everything else??? I'd only need to make two more cowls and I'd get to re-use the rest of the original costume& it's peices.
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