July 3rd, 2008


I cheated? hah!

I decided to go ahead and get my measurement over with today. I didn't want to do it Monday, because last month I spent the weekend before my measurement pigging out over at Celine's mom's place. And I'm going to do it again this weekend! It'll be fun :X
Anyway, I'm sure I gained weight from eating all sorts of stuff I don't normally eat, and this weekend will be the same. I guess I kind of feel like I'm cheating, but the computer told me to go get weighed, so whatever. It works? :X

Anyway, no weight loss this month. The scale says I gained a pound :/ I'm a little bummed out about it because I'm very anxious to drop 40lbs ASAP, but it wasn't all bad news this month. According to the other tests/measurements/etc they do, I've gone down another full percent of overall body fat, and lost over 2 lbs of fat this month. This means I've probably gained about 3 in muscle. I'm also burning a good 100 calories more per work out than I was when I started. As far as measurements go, the butt stayed the same size this month, and so did the arms. I lost nearly an inch everywhere else though. Overall, I think this month is the best yet as far as inches lost. I'm still frustrated about the overall numbers not going down the way I want them to, but I can't complain too much as long as I'm moving forward. It's still very frustrating that after 3 months, my overall weight has gone UP 1lb, but whatever. Matt says I should stick with it because it's good for me, not because of the numbers. It's hard for me to disagree, but the numbers are all I care about XD I can say there are slight differences in the way my body looks to me now, but no one's going to notice unless I drop a substantial ammount. It feels more like the body is just reorganizing all the fat to other places :P But hey.. I still haven't missed a day yet. I've gone 4 days a week no matter how crappy I've felt, etc. So I can at least take some pride in the fact that a total slacker like myself has been able to stick with this that long.

I'm still working on somthing to wear to our silly metal concert. I'm making a full pleated skirt out of that stretchy faux snakeskin. I think it will look cool, and with the thick material and stretch, it should fit well too. If I wear my ribbon lace-up ankle boots with those gold leggings and that skirt, I have the botton down taken care of :P I'm thinking about just copping out with my venture bros. shirt club shirt and some arm warmers for the top. And I have no fucking clue what to do with my hair, but I know if Celine comes up with somthing exciting to wear too, we'll be doing cheesey Dethklok whiteface& smeared black makeup