June 27th, 2008


Jem is Outrageous! Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous!

On my way out the door to the gym yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my wigs were already here. When I took them inside and opened them up, I saw another envelope on the counter with my Dethklok tickets! :O

I was still feeling grumpy and bummed out, though.. and I was really tempted to stay at home and play with my wigs instead of going to the gym. I went, though, and working out made me feel sooo much better. It was like magic. I went from super depressed and grumpy to YAYWIGS

I bought a punky, and some other long thing for the ponytail. I'll need to try and straighten the bottom of the longer one, because I couldn't find a super cheap, long, poor fiber wig on cosworx when I was ordering the punky one. I wanted to make sure the colors would be a perfect match, so I just got somthing close. I still need to make the ponytail and style the bangs, but I totally pulled up the back of the punky wig today. It looks so silly, so I thought I'd share.

I need to figure out how to cover that little gap of hair in the back. I made sure that the wig wasn't pulled tightly into a ponytail. It's not tugging up at all or anything, but I can't get it to sit flat. Maybe I should shave my neck :O

Punky wigs are soo silly. My next step will be to attach the ponytail.. and then I'll figure out how to tame the bangs to go the directions I want them to go instead of sitting flat down in front of my face :P