May 29th, 2008



So I was totally supposed to be packing and finishing up my costume crap, but instead I've been putzing around the house. At first, I figured I'd just sit around and wait to go to the gym, but as soon as my gym partner called to say she was coming to get me, I started cleaning.
(I suppose I really ought to backtrack here and explain how I've swallowed my pride and genuinely appologized and made up with someone who I value as a precious freind, but I'm not really feeling that sappy right now)

I decided the guest bathroom was immesureably disgusting, so I took the trash out, cleaned the catbox, and replaced the air freshener. Then I actually got the counters cleaned off, the trash handled, and the dishes done before she got here. Whoah productivity!

After I got back, I had to settle travel plans with Celine and run a Karazhan raid for my dear husband. :X Since then, I've done nothing but procrastinate and put moar music on my iPod. Oh, and I'm doing laundry so I'm not skankeriffic. Yaaaay.

I seriously need to do a little hand sewing before I pack, though >:O
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