May 24th, 2008

Arshtat determined

Assgat progress WUT?

OMG.. I never want to do Sat. mornings at the gym again if I can help it. seriously

I didn't bother looking at my exercize summary today because I didn't think it went really well. It seems like this past week I've been having more problems than usual on certain machines. Today I blame it on waking up at the crack of 9 to go work out way too early in the morning. Why is everyone all happy and crap in the morning? I don't get it :P
Oh well, at least I got it out of the way. Even though the lights arn't always lighting up like they should, and the computer says I fall short on a few machines, I'm still working up a great sweat and keeping an elevated heart rate for a set ammount of time, so even a crappy workout has to be better than no workout. I just have to keep trying and try not to have lots of crappy work outs if I can help it :P

I brought my camera to Jo Ann's in case Sylvia was around. I felt really bad because I seriously haven't shown my face in there for at least 6 months, and they probably thought I died or somthing. I figured Sylvia would give me a hard time, but she was thrilled that I brought pictures of Arshtat, since she'd been so curious about the stuff I was bringing home for that costume. She also ended up seeing photos of my cat and the foxes while I looked for the Arshtat photos. I seriously need to offload this stuff and burn it before this memory card explodes like the last one and I lose everything anyway.

I couldn't decide on what thickness of cording to get, but I only needed a yard, and they were all under a yard, so I bought two different thicknesses. I thought I would use the thicker one, but I'm glad I got the thinner one because it looked a lot better after I wrapped some hair around it. Right now I'm taking a little break from re-styling it because I'm getting to a difficult part and I'm procrastinating like mad. Once I get the wig squared, though, I really only have one or two minor fixes and it'll be wearable for A-kon.

I also need to remember that I'm going tues/weds/thurs this week for gym. With the day I did today, I'll still be on track when I get back from the con :O