May 4th, 2008



Oh no no no.. my computer problems were only just beginning! It's now pranced into happy-fucking-rainbow-land now. Apparently it's a well known fact to anyone that owns one that Windows Vista does not get along well with any Nvidia products. Nvidia insists that the video card I have (among many, many others) are certified/rated for Vista. This is just not true. Of course, since Nvidia states that the products get along with Vista just fine, every seller on the planet just nods and pushes the product out the door. For a great long while (and this may still be the case) World of Warcraft was still touting that the Nvidia GeForce cards were the best for playing WoW, and because Nvidia paid them to say it, they exclaimed that everyone should use Nvidia cards for WoW since Nvidia made sure that WoW looked best on their cards.

This isn't why we got one, though.

We used to have ATI radeon cards in our machines a few years ago, and the game would just randomly crash when you turned the screen a certain direction. ATI decided it was too much work to support the drivers for the cards, and when we were ready for new computers, we told ATI to bugger off and went with GeForce cards. They are supperhappyawesome on XP I guess? I mean, we've never had problems with GeForce cards until I got this new computer.

I swear sometimes it just bluescreens from video card problems while I'm updating my journal or browsing websites with NO MOVING PICTURES. Apparently, it's because the way Vista hoists it's graphics loads on the cards. It asks the cards to do a lot of things they wern't used to doing with XP. This, in my opinion, is partially Window's fault, but mostly Nvidia's fault for selling graphics cards labeled to play well with Vista, but essentially don't have drivers that can handle it. The errors are so amazingly obscure that Nvidia can easily say that there's no possible way to blame the problems on the graphics card since they could be attributed to ANY OTHER PART IN YOUR COMPUTER BUT THE GRAPHICS CARD. The bluescreening& card erroring was getting so bad that I finally convinced Dell to come out and replace the card. It had been getting (not steadily) EXPONENTIALLY worse since I had to reformat the HD a few weeks ago. If I hadn't mentioned anything about this.. HAHAHA.. A windows file got corrupted and couldn't start. It was probably corrupted in one of the very creative crashes caused by the graphics card's drivers.

Anyway, they overnighted it, changed it out, and left all before I could wake up one morning saying that everything was superhappyawesome now. I guess he chucked the part in the case and took off, because if the tech had spent even 5 min browsing a website or starting WoW up he'd be looking at another blue screen.

The worst part about it is this problem isn't going to let up from reformatting, re-installing, or anything like that. Apparently once you start getting the error, you're boned. Even the overclockers don't know how to tweak this problem away, and no one can figure out how exactly to fix it, but EVERYONE knows that it's a problem with the Nvidia drivers.

I've heard horror stories about people downgrading from Vista to XP just to get rid of it only to have the problem persist magically. I'm really getting ready to just try that so I can be rid of the problem. It's neigh impossible to even check email on this thing the way it is now, let alone play WoW. Granted, it's really not even that important for me to play WoW. I can do other things in my spare time, but it's the principle of the thing. Brand new machine, out of box.. blue screening and having a million problems. I only call the tech support line about once a month, because that's all I can handle. I can't handle being put on hold and trying to convince people that my problem isn't stemming from getting viruses off of porn downloads. They've blamed this problem on so many things:
~~Installing software on the computer
~~Plugging things into the computer
~~Using the USB ports for USB items
~~Not downloading the drivers (After running all updates)
~~Downloading the wrong drivers (probably why they sent a tech with a new card)
~~Using Internet Explorer
~~Downloading Porn

And ultimately.. last time I called.. a tech said that's just how things were, and this is how my computer would function because I got Vista. She told me that was how things were supposed to work since I got Vista, and there's was nothing I could do about how crappy my computer-life has ended up for me.

IMO, this is amazingly unreasonable to package these computers together and foist them off to tell people 4 months later "HAHAH U SHIT SUCK LOL WHY U BUY THAT FROM US? TOP OF THE LINE!!"

I really don't know what to do with this thing. In a way, it's the most aggravating present I've ever received.
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