March 21st, 2008

Arshtat determined

Selling costumes

I think I honestly need to get rid of some of the older ones to make room for the new stuff. Arshtat takes up a ton of room, and I don't really have any room to hang up new costumes. I think it might be a good policy to only really hang on to my 5 current/favorite costumes. If that's the case, I need to pick those, and see what I have left that I can repair to sell.

I know for a fact the following costumes can go, and only need minor repairs via hand-stitching

Chacha.. though I may try to sell it as a Darkstalkers costume.. zomgz
hide (This costume has only been worn like 3 times. It's a super awesome costume. But yeah..don't really need it)
Noble- OMG obscurity! I'm thinking it might just be easier to rip the seams and use the fur for somthing else
Babbit mascot costume.. dude lawl.. This costume was QUALITY. Maybe I can get 20 bucks for it
Eboshi- So.. I wonder if there's any snowballs chance in hell that I'd be able to sell the jacket that I made for that costume. I mean, the red and grey peices are vintage garments, and I'm not going to get rid of them.. and I unstyled the wig, etc. But who would be looking for just the blue coat? O..o
WINGSLOL- I would totally sell that first black pair that I made, and either of the grey haibane sets I have left. Except I think I left a set with Sarah. I'm pretty sure I won't see it again, but it's out of my house so it's hard to care about. I have two more pre-constructed haibane bases sitting around, too.. but I think I'll just toss them. It seems like a waste, but there doesn't really seem to be much of a point of mass producing grey wings in JUST the right shade for a somewhat obscure anime. And since they're grey, they won't sell to the kids that want white or black wings.. and they aren't cutesy enough to sell as generic conwhore wings.

I look at some of that other stuff and it's like...
I don't know that I'd ever wear Gogo again just because it's a pain to haul around. But I don't know if it's in saleable condition since I've sweated in it so much and I'm not sure how washable it is XD. That, and I'm certain whomever I sold it to would just enter it in a contest and make me sad. I mean.. If I sold say.. Any of the other costumes above.. and someone actually won a contest with them.. I'd just laugh. More power to them XD
But a costume like Gogo where I dumped a ton of work into it.. it would just make me sad I think.
And a bunch of those others.. I've managed to recycle most or all of the parts.. or they have parts I could still use in the future. I guess I'm thankful for that at least XD I mean, I did spend a ton on my Silky costume when I was learning how to fiberglass, etc.. and I managed to recycle ALL of the fabric from that costume into at LEAST 3-4 other projects.

I feel a little bad about wanting to get rid of the Rabi and Sarasa costumes. Mostly because my mother-in-law did all of the sewing for the rabi costume, and helped a LOT with the Sarasa costume. I suppose there's another reason, too, though.. and that's that the costumes are two of my first actual convention costumes. But am I ever going to wear those again??

I wonder if I should start with a generic post on the cosplay communities? I've never sold one of my old costumes before O..o

I'm totally going through my other closets and making a huge donation to Goodwill soon, too. TOO MUCH STUFF