January 25th, 2008



Alone, that's such a weird looking word.
Matt's doing much better, but he still has a little swelling and pain on one side. It's been hard trying to come up with creative squishy things for him to eat. I don't remember being on soft foods this long, but his surgery was more invasive than mine, so he will take longer to recover. I think he is at ths stage where crap is getting caught in the sockets. At this point in my recovery, I had an awesome little squirty thing. The doc never asked to see Matt again for a follow-up, so I don't know if he's going to get one. He may have to go anyway if he still has that knot on the side of his face from where they cut into the gums. :(
I don't have too much to talk about since the last week was dedicated to taking care of him.
I am a crab
I am a crab
I am a crab
(I like my shell)
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