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Blech. It's hot and humid and I want to work on the house.. why?

I could clean inside, but I kinda wanted to work outside the house. I mean.. it LOOKS nice out there. But is it? NOOOOO

It's humid and nasty and still spitting rain a little bit.

I went outside to sweep the deck off. As you may or may not have noticed from a few posted costume photos.. we have a large wooden deck. IT's very pretty, and nice to host company out on.. but other than that, it's a bit of a pain.
I swept off a lot of the decaying plant matter today. (Leaves, branches, etc.) Some of it had gotten in between the boards of the deck, and this always causes problems. It gives bugs a snug, damp, nasty place to live, and it doesn't let junk through the deck. Instead, stuff just sits on it. One of the trees out by the deck has grown into the side, and it's warped some of the boards, too. The deck needs some definite work. I was also looking around through the backyard. There's so much work to do out there. Since I'm feeling semi productive.. I decided to make a list of the stuff that needs to get done. We've slowly been paying my brother to do some of it during his visits.. but I don't think he can do it all. I don't even think we have the equipment to do it all.

We need to take a saw. One of those with a rotating blade.. not sure what they're called. Dad had one. Anyway.. we need to take a saw, and cut the boards around the tree that's warping the deck. It's a partial solution.. but we need to cut off the stuff the tree is absorbing so it doesn't warp things further.

A LOT of the trees out there need to be trimmed/cut back, etc.

I want to rip out the hedges in the back yard, because they are huge, ugly, and too high-maintenance. I wand low-growing succulents or some shit. Somthing that I don't have to trim every few weeks. (It's a losing battle. I don't trim them often)

We need an edger to edge around the walkway to the house. Crap keeps going over it, and there's only so much I can do with a shovel.

Need to finish tearing the ivy down off of the side of the house. There was a lot.. and it's mostly gone now. It looks pretty, but it just eats away at the house. No good.

Need to rent a power-washer, and power wash the deck. It's almost time for it to get sealed again.. but I want to power-wash the muck out of the cracks. The windows could probably also use a good cleaning...
In fact.. the HOUSE could probably use a good cleaning. Bugs like making little nests around it, and spiders like weaving webs in the corners, so there's crap hanging all over the place.

If all of this gets done.. eventually.. it should take care of a large part of the carpenter ant problem, I think.
Unfortunately, since a lot of it requires equipment we don't have, and it's a huge pain in the ass, we'll probably have to pay someone to do it. (The upside of that is... we don't have to do it XD)

I'm thinking about going out there now and trimming back a few of the smaller trees with the branch cutters, but I'm not sure how futile that would be :P


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