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Really, Zoi, it's not your fault. Thank you for posting about it in your Journal, though, or I wouldn't have found out as soon as I had.

Does anyone want to send me to Otakon to see freakin L'arc~en~ciel?!?!


And you know what? This really pisses me off. It's like saying "Oh hey.. guess what! For you people that are already coming, you get to see this great band!"
Because you know what? There's no way in hell I can make plans to go in less than a month. If they had announced this earlier.. I would have willingly canceled my plans to go to all conventions this year. If Akuma was working during Ota, he would have been able to take vacation time. He took vacation time for A-kon, and doesn't have anymore left. Plus.. We already went to A-kon and spent money on their crazy room rates& parking, etc. We've got a reservation for Animefest... so yeah, we're planning on spending money on hotel there.
Plus.. how the hell are you supposed to get an affordable airline ticket and try to get into the CON HOTEL with less than a month before the fucking con? You can't. Check the site. They've sold through a myriad of overflow hotels only to leave one left at 235 bucks a night for a SINGLE. And that's the con rate? WTF
I'm sorry.. but this pisses me off. Why? It's a group I've ALWAYS wanted to see live. It's one of my favorite Japanese bands. And if Otakon screws things up with the band, they'll probably be discouraged from playing another con again. And let's face it. Otakon. A mere ANIME Convention... for two years in a row... have scored Tokyo-Dome sellouts. How? How the hell? I mean, really. A-kon nearly had 10,000 people this year, but that doesn't mean all 10,000 are going to wait giddily in line to see this one band. And what is 10,000 people to a band that huge? I'm really quite mystified as to how anime cons manage to get these groups in the first place. I'm not complaining at all. I'm really quite greatful.
And I would LOVE to spend a TON of money to go to Otakon and see L'arc with my husband.
But they've left no time for someone who lives across the country to make plans. We've already spent money and committed to other cons. I'm going to two more this year, and 4 next year. I would have said no to ALL of that to go to Ota, but it's really way too late in the game. I don't even know if Akuma is working that weekend, but it doesn't matter because we probably wouldn't be able to get a room& a plane ticket anyway.
Which makes me really.. just sad and dissappointed.
I'm incredibly excited that L'arc is playing in the US. Don't get me wrong. I'm just very unhappy that I can't be there.


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