December 23rd, 2007



I was checking out trailers today when I saw somthing that just drove me nuts.
The Other Bolyn Girl
I didn't even watch the trailer.
The puckering on Natalie Portman's dress... ugh!
What's worse is the fact that all these posters and promo shots are so heavily photoshopped. They photoshop to make everything look great and take out imperfections, but they ENHANCED the shadows on the fabric pucker to make straight, regular lines. (I'm not even going to go into how unrealistic these movie poster photoshops have looked lately. The Spider-Man 3 maskless posters are hideous if you want a glaring example)

It looks like bad tailoring when it was probably a monkey running teh photoshopz...

I watched the trailer and saw the dress itself pop up a few times, and I can't really figure out what's going on with it. The "puckering" is in the trailer shots, too. At first I thought it had somthing bizzare going on with the front panel. It looks like maybe there was a front panel with some decorative stitching on the edges... But the poster makes it look like... forgoing underpinnings, they sewed fabric onto cardboard backing :( Maybe they didn't get the right kind of underwear or somthing. Maybe I'm being overly critical. Well... most likely I'm being overly critical XD But the stripes!?