September 22nd, 2007


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In that FLCL song.. "LITTLE BUSTERS" by the pillows...

I have no idea what the lyrics are but it sounds like they're singing
"We're the fish stick of the future"

Engrish FTW

Q: Caesar Dressing....

Who makes the best caesar dressing?

I don't want to make it myself :X I've tried like 4 different brands.
I really really like the dressing they use at the Texas Roadhouse steakhouses, but I haven't found anything close yet. Kraft's isn't close. I also don't like Neumans.. and there was some other mystery brand I tried that had way too much pepper. I recently got this harriet's stuff from HEB. It's made in austin, and it tastes like a spicy, foul mayonaise. The best so far is Ken's Steakhouse brand..

But what brands do you guys like? I need to try more in the persuit of the best caesar dressing ever D: