September 5th, 2007


Ok, WTF. Seriously

Day three of unusual eyebrow muscle spasms. I'm not putting up with this shit much longer. I'm going to the doctor if today's regimen of bananas/gatorade/multivitamin doesn't stop this crap.
It's so bizzare. It's just my right eyebrow, and the spasms are so slight you wouldn't even notice it if you were staring right at the offensive eyebrow. But I can FEEL it, and it's driving me nuts. It only stops completely when I'm asleep. I wonder if they can just run an electrical current through the muscle and "reset" it or whatever. It's spazzing out periodically all day.. every day, and it's driving me up the wall >:O

Anyway.. google is great for making you afraid of life, and anything related to eye-region muscle spasms is kinda scary. So knock it off eyebrow >:O

Edit: The eyebrow is probably just tired from looking amazingly MOARSEXY in the previous entry's photo. Yup. -..-

Which reminds me.. the best of the best Arshtat photos are all uploaded now.
I'm debating whether or not to upload the other 10 or so not-so-great pictures