August 23rd, 2007



Thanks to the advanced sewing community here on eljay, I found out about somthing really cool:
You stick your shit in a box along with a note asking them to fix it, and 7.50, and they'll send it back to you in a few weeks.
I NEED to get this done! :O

As a college graduation gift, applcheeks gave me an AWESOME gift. She gave me a very nice pair of gingher sewing shears :D They're still my primary pair of scissors for every costume I make, but they've been through a lot. (How does that feel to know everything I've made since I've graduated were all cut with that pair of scissors? ;D <3) I know that I, personally, have accidentally clamped down on a pin with them before, wailed in terror, and nicked the blade, though not nessesarily in that order. It made me very sad D: But worse than that, there are other people in this house who have used them to cut amazingly strange things because, "They looked like a really sharp pair of scissors and all the craft scissors have fiberglass on them" XD So, between Matt and Ray accidentally using them a few times (and getting yelled at), the blades have a good 3-4 nicks on them and just don't cut as well as they used to. I was thinking about just finding a place to sharpen them, but after reading about how awesome Gingher's product support is, I think I'm going to send them to these guys for repair. From the sounds of things, they'll be able to grind the nicks out and sharpen them like new.

Unfortunately, this is going to have to wait until after Afest. I need my babies to cut the trim for my waist cincher!

I do have a pretty nice pair of Fiskar fabric scissors that I bought before I received my ginghers, and I use them from time to time. Usually when I've split a project between the kitchen table and the living room and I'm too lazy to get one pair of scissors.. i'll just leave one in each location if I'm moving around a lot :X I can't really zip through yardages with the Fiskars though. Plus, those get abused a lot more when I have to cut through strange combinations of costuming materials. Like craft foam+ industral adhesive+fabric+ maybe somthing else bizzare like plastic= most of the Arshtat costume lawl

I feel so much better knowing I can send them in to the makers and they'll come back super awesome.
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