August 13th, 2007

Arshtat determined

Two full working weeks left freakout checklist!

I'm getting there, but everytime I cross somthing off on my list, it seems like I'm adding somthing else. I NEED to go out and get more of that gold ribbon for the inside panel. I might just go with a patterned gold trim if I find somthing thin and detailed that I like.
I forgot to go to the optometrist's last week, so I think it's too late to order new colored lenses. I don't know that they'll get here in time. Maybe I'll call and ask and go see them this afternoon. Here's the rest of the list, though. I hope I'm not forgetting anything :O

~adjust the fit of the crown and try to stabilize it
~draw& cut out sun rune out of sticky vinyl to be attached with spirit gum later
~sew little yellow loops onto the sleeves of the shirt so the yellow scarves will sit there
~attach some sort of tie on the top to keep it shut

Waist Cincher:
~paint trim
~add trim
~paint the white designs
~buttons for the collar to attach to

~draft pattern
~paint red collar
~buttonholes on the bottoms to attach it to waist cincher
~paint white parts on blue collar
~attach shoulder bits
~cut/attach trim
~attach little squares

Flappy thing
~attach gold trim to the top for sunburst design
~make back facing for flappy thing
~make sure everything is glued down together properly
~glue straps on one side to back facing
~attach snaps to open side

~figure out how to attach brooch to costume
~make the three-loop belt things on the waist band and paint them
~make the two top hip-hugging gold things that hang on the "leather" straps& paint them
~Make approx 16-24 squares with bumps on the top to put onto the faux sailor collar
~sculpt the two top-collar embellishments
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Iced green tea lemonade

It's "new" drink I've fixated on. I got it by accident when someone messed up my order two weeks ago, but now I'm hooked. I thought.. the only way this could be better is if it had a hint of mint. So, I asked them to dump some mint in there for me today.