July 22nd, 2007



Intarwebz silence over XD

It's now safe for me to do stupid things like read forums again :O

We were productive! (lawl)

khet_tcheba and I spent the weekend doing many nessesary things. This included, but was not limited to:

~drinking beer
~making a few gallons of curry
~eating lots of curry
~gorging ourselves on gummy worms
~eating watermelon
~FOR CEREAL discussions of discovery channel Egyptlology
~some sewing
~I read all of the last harry potter book all at once, lawl 2AM-10AM was all you, Harry. Then I took a nap from 10-2 and we went back to asshatery
~taking retarded pictures

Beleive it or not, we actually got a lot of sewing done. In the long run, it doesn't seem like much, unfortunately, because our costumes are complex and time consuming T..T

What we finished on my Arshtat:

~skirt get!
~hand-made tassled earrings get!
~4 more yards of silk get! (You don't want to know why...It was a fucking crying shame)
~some sanding lawl

What we did on KT's Zerase:

~collar get!
~dress get! OMFG
KT went from having a half-finished muslin mock-up to a full gown in one weekend. I think all she has to do now is a little hand-stitching and it's completely done. I helped a little by installing a zipper so she didn't have to look like a tubeworm while getting dressed. And I helped a little bit with the boobfacing. But yeah. SEWING LIKE A MADWOMAN ON CRACK!

Since KT had her serger over, I totally abused it and serged a bunch of seams on old costumes that were bothering me.
I serged the neckband of my Tsunade shirt... I'll probably never wear that costume again, but the top is actually really comfortable. If I ever put closures on it (instead of closing it with the waist sash obi thing) I'll probably wear it around town XD
I also serged all the seams of my white underwear kimono. I wear it with all kimono cosplay, and I need to wash it often because Mayuri=many layers. Having all serged seams here makes me happy
I took care of many of the sleeve and some of the side seams on the Cornelia jacket, too. That costume is kinda stanky from Expo and I really want to wash it, but I was afraid to wash it because of the denim. Now I'm just afraid to wash it because I don't know if the maroon denim will bleed and ruin the yellow trim part. (Didn't have time to pretreat that one)... but hey! It's serged like there's no tomorrow, so if I ever get some more color catchers and the balls to dare to wash it, it'll be good to go.

I really was torn about what to do with my captain's coat, though.
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So yeah.. where was I going with this??

That coat BADLY needs to be serged, but I seriously can't decide if it's worth it now since the coat is pretty much ruined. And I really don't want to make another. If I painted over the hork spots, I don't know if I would be less likely to continue to wear the costume. And even then, I don' tknow how much life it has left in it anyway since I wear it so much. But I do love it, and I wonder if I should take it to a serger? Blah!
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