July 18th, 2007

Arshtat happy

Well, what do you know? :O

This is the first time that I can remember that I've come out of a dentist visit with no cavities. I wish I could say it's the first time I've come out with no further work done, but unfortunately, that's not the case.
Here's the lowdown: I ALMOST had cavities. That's like saying you almost got herpes, as far as I'm concerned. You either do or you don't. But apparently I have some spots of decalcification on my molars that will eventually turn into cavities. They said I can use this prescription toothpaste, and I have to be mindful to keep those areas as clean as possible to avoid cavities for as long as possible. They didn't say it, but it's got to just be an eventuality. And I really can't afford any more cavities in my molars. Next time, it's going to be a root canal and a crown, I just know it :(

Anyway, I don't have to come back in because of that. I need to come back because that root canal I got last year finally decided to tell the world that I'm not crazy. It's finally evident to everyone else in the world that there is somthing going wrong up there, so I have a new appointment to get it cleaned out. From the sounds of things, it's not going to be much fun at all. They're going to "cut a window" out of the gums up high, where the problem is, and clean the whole area out. All and all, it doesn't sound too bad, but the whole "cut a window" thing makes me sad in the pants. D:

I also get to now officially tell people I've seen the HP movie XD Matt& I finally got a chance to go out and see it today after the dentist's appointment. I'm seriously concerned with all the spoiler crap going around the intarwebz, though. It's almost enough to make me stop logging in until I've read the book. I remember when the last one hit, and that whole ORLY thing started. I hate that people would spoil it for others out of spite. (But having read the book in a marathon run, I thought the owl thing itself was pretty funny XD YARLY) I'm also rather worried that I'll go onto some website and see a huge flashing GIF or some spoiler that I would have rather learned of in the course of reading the book normally >:O

Two more days, and I'm getting it in the mail, so no danger of bad release parties for me D:
It seems so weird to me that a BOOK RELEASE could cause so much hype, though. I really could see someone renting an ice cream truck just to drive around town and scream spoilers through the AP system, you know?

On the cosplay front:

Resin casting: A sad mess?
Actually, it wasn't so bad. I don't have photos to show the results, but the absolute worst part is spending 3 days building up a latex rubber mold. Especially since the resin cures in like 3 min >:O I learned a few things about the process that I don't think anyone could have communicated to me in any other way. Just doing it for myself taught me about things I could and couldn't do with the molds, etc. I don't know if I'll be able to duplicate the long necklace beads like I wanted, from resin. I think I'm still going to go ahead and try for the buckle thing like I planned, though. I need to finish sanding it, and finish it in general, then I can seal it with mod podge to hide it's pourousness and spend another 3-4 days building up a rubber mold. I'm worried about the paperclay buckling and ripping, especially since it's right below the bust line, and will have those yellow scarves pulling at it. I know that if I cure the resin properly, it won't be a problem. The resin generates a LOT of heat from the chemical reaction, and that helps cure it. The buckle is a lot larger than the beads, so I don't think curing will be a problem at all, and I look forward to getting that peice in particular. It really is a lot of work, but I think the results will be worth it. I haven't messed with dying or anything, because I couldn't find a dye that would make the resin gold-colored, and just decided to say fuckall to air bubbles, etc and paint over the whole peice. I honestly think that's the best way to go as a beginner anyway. I just have a beginner's resin kit since that's all they had at the hobby store. It's got a LOT of resin anyway, but it's solid white when it cures. That kind of makes me a sad panda, because I really do like the translucent resin. But if I decided I needed to mess with it for another project, it wouldn't be too hard, IMO to get some off the internet.

Oh.. I was also kinda pissed off at the mold latex. It's only marginally thicker than the liquid latex I've used in costumes, and I think I probably could have made a mold with that stuff with a few more coats. And that would have been 20 bucks I didn't need to spend on specific "mold latex".. But oh well. D: I have it, so I might as well use it for what it's made for, right?
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