June 27th, 2007


I'm leaving today! D:

I'm supposed to be packing. While I was putting stuff together and trying to figure out what makeup I needed, I remembered that I needed my theatrical makeup for the Yu~ki costume. (I should also bring reference photos too since I don't want to fuck up that makeup)
I put all my theatrical makeup in a bag under the sink, so I dug it out and started picking out the pots I needed when I found my eyebrow wax. I remembered that I was talking with zoi_no_miko about it the other day, and I'd been holding onto the stuff since I went to NDK like two years ago, and never played with it. Well, I always get these kinds of crazy ideas when I SHOULD be doing somthing productive, so I farted around with the makeup.
It was originally purchased because I wasn't totally happy with the way my eyebrows got in the way of my Le Ciel Yu~ki makeup. I hadn't read any directions or even worn the costume since, though, so I figured that was the end of that.


~Slick eyebrows with spirit gum first, then wax on top
~I noticed almost too late that you are supposed to seal the wax with liquid latex. Lucky for me I happen to have two pots of it? XD HURRHURR
~The wax is REALLY sticky. I didn't think it would be this sticky. Good thing I have the latex? D:
~I didn't get the neandertal bump like we were worried about
~I was able to get the look I was going for. More practice with applying the wax will make things smoother and less bumpy. It's a lot like fiberglass. If your base is bumpy, you end up filling in more crap with the bondo, and it's never quite as smooth as you want. In order to get things as smooth as you want them with the wax, you need to smooth your wax out as much as possible before you put the liquid latex on top.
~The wax came off much more easily when I peeled it off with the latex. Because of the spirit gum, the wax didn't stick in my eyebrows. Because of the wax, the latex didn't stick in the spirit gum or eyebrows
~It took about 20 min for one brow. It probably won't take as long next time if I did both at once now that I know what I'm doing
~The wax was easy to rub off with some toilet paper since most of it peeled off with the liquid latex
~Spirit gum came out easily with spirit gum remover

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Ultimately though? I can't decide whether or not I should go through all this for this costume. This will only be the second time I've worn the costume, but it may be the last. The funny thing is.. the first time I wore it, I was sad I wasn't able to get my hands on some yellow contacts. The makeup wasn't as perfect as my test run, and I wasn't happy with my eyebrows. I felt if I could have ignored them, I could have made my lines a little cleaner without having to fill the black all the way to my brows. Now, I have brow wax and I have those yellow/red contacts I bought SPECIFICALLY for Mayuri and this costume. Now that I actually have everything, I can make this a very good wear, and I can't decide if I want to do all the work for it! :O You know.. this may be the only chance I get to take some really awesome pictures of a costume I worked really hard on.. so screw it. I'll bring the liquid latex and go the whole 9 yards. No idea when I'll wear this, though, since the makeup will take like 2 hours XD

Everything is packed

I'm bringing Cornelia, Mayuri, Yu~ki, hide, Refia (Red Mage job) and the concert outfit I made. I had to cut up my Yu~ki staff to get it to fit, but the plan is to tape it all together at the con XD If that doesn't work, it will just be.. very short XD
I'm hoping everything will work out, though, since I'm bringing the liquid latex and all that crap.
celine is on her way over to get me right now. I'm running around the house last-minute-ish going over my checklists over and over again in my head trying to make sure I have everything I might need. I also haven't really eaten since I cooked Matt some eggs for breakfast, so I think I may have a bowl of cereal or somthing before we go. We're going to stop by Gamestop and buy some used Nintendo DS games that we can play 2-player in the plane. Then we'll return them when we come back XD haha
I've got my laptop with me, my cel phone, my DS, and my new camera..and chargers for them all. I should be reachable via cel phone and/or email. I'm really nervous and kind of excited at the same time. I'll be driving part of the way to Dallas, and while I'm not really comfortable with long-distance driving, it's somthing Celine is trying to help me work out of my system. So.. it kind of feels like going to the dentist. Haha.
Anyway.. I'm really pretty sad about being away from Matt for a full week. I know it's weird, but despite the fact that I go do stuff and go to cons without him and whatever, I've never just taken off for a full week without him. The last time we were apart longer for a week was when we first started dating and I spent the summer with my grandparents. I can't say I'll be LONELY lonely since I'll be with freinds, but I am sad that I can't share this with him, and that he'll be working the whole time I'm gone. I know he will do nothing but eat junk food the whole time XD

Gah, I hope I don't wreck Celine's car. I already have a bad track record of breaking things off of it.

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