June 5th, 2007



I really am afraid to post anything too long, but I had a lot of stuff I wanted to talk about T..T

Denim magenta beast:
~Pants just need to be hemmed at the bottom. The waistband/zipper is so great. I'm retardedly proud of these pants since pants give me a hard time.
~White PVC vinyl should be arriving today. Still don't know when my shoes or wig are coming in...
~Since I won't have the boots to work on, or the wig, I should work on the jacket and get the costume like 90% done. I don't have any muslin though, and I don't know if I have the yardage of any other remnant to make a mock-up.. so I may have to go to Jo Ann's for that tomorrow or somthing. I also need a glove pattern, since I couldn't find any white PVC gloves on the internets and that upsets me. I don't want to sew gloves T..T

Went to A-kon when I wasn't expecting it.
Celine called me and said "HAY WANT TO GO TO A-KON?" and I was like "uhh.. ok." The con still sucks, but I only spent money on parking, anime pavillion, and sasuga XD I had fun, and got a ton of blisters and a bad attitude from my red mage boots, but I should have that fixed by Expo. I also took the opportunity to drop off my small shipment of lolita half bonnets to the Studio Capsule table. I don't think any sold.. but they were in artist's alley instead of the dealer's room this time, and I think they said that might have been part of it. If these sell, I'll have recouped my initial materials investment. I'm not sure how many I should make to bring to A-fest since I wasn't able to guage how well these will sell... since none sold XP
Photos of me& Celine are on the first few pages of Sat. pictures on fansview

...I hope this isn't too long to go through...freaking LJ
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