May 22nd, 2007


ARGH! pearls >:O

I bought some strings of fake pearls at Jo Ann's last time I was there. I don't remember what the yardage is, but it's huge. And they were like 1.99. With one string, I can do somewhere between 5-10 hats. That's amazing. Anyway, they looked nice, and I got two strings of the bigger "pearls," one of the smaller, and one of the clear irridescent beads. I put some of the smaller ones on the pink& white hats I was making with the leftover Norn fabric, and it looked great. Instead of extra rows of lace, I decided to put some of the larger ones on the black& white hats I'm making now. But these seriously suck. I've been sewing them on with a zigzag stitch. I've adjusted the stitch length and width so that I can tack them down between the pearls on the connecting string, and it's sturdy, etcetc. It looks really nice, but I pretty much have to crank the machine by hand, or I break a needle. It's driving me nuts. I made 5 of these, and I've broken so many needles already XP Anytime my foot slips on the thinger, or I go too fast, POP!!
It would be EASIER to glue this down with some fabri-tac, but it wouldn't look nearly as nice. And since these are being made to be sold, I don't want to try to get away with that. It would be CHEAPER (needle-wise) to hand-sew them. But seriously? Fuck that. It's faster with the machine, even when I have to hand-crank it, and the stiches are MUCH more even. But it's still pissing me off that I've broken multiple new needles on this crap. I don't think I have any new packs of needles laying around, and it's been a long time since I've purchased any, so I'm going to have to go back to Jo Ann's for more sewing needles. And probably more white ribbon. Each hat takes like 40-50 inches of ribbon, so the buy-the-spool stuff doesn't last very long. I thought materials wise, the lace was going to end up being more expensive, but the expense is really in the ribbon. XP
If I finish these 10 hats today, though, I can work on cat ears tomorrow. I don't think I'll get a whole lot done this week, though... since it's Matt's week off.

And Odin Sphere comes out tomorrow. Well, technically it shipped today, but it won't be in the store until tomorrow, so.. you know.