May 20th, 2007



There was a huge Heroes marathon on Scifi today. I think Matt got hooked. He wasn't able to get to sleep today, so he stayed up and watched some of that. Unfortunately, he came in at the middle of the series, so he didn't really know what was going on XD He seems interested in it, though, which is cool. Marathons like this are really great for getting things done. I've sewn so many costumes during CSI marathons it's not even funny. And since CSI is almost always playing all the time on Spike, it's usually what I end up putting on when I end up sewing. (I have most of CSI on DVD which makes Spike kinda obsolete, but whatever XD)

Today, though, productivity =/= sewing.
Celine was supposed to visit this weekend to hang out and be retarded with me, but she had a plumbing catastrophe in her apartment complex, and couldn't make it. I'm not sure if we're still on for scarby tomorrow or not, and I forgot to call earlier today and find out :X Whoops!
I've totally used this as an excuse to slack, though. I should finish my blouse tonight and take that skirt in.. and maybe finish the second skirt, just in case we end up going tomorrow. Otherwise I won't have anything interesting to wear. But I'm feeling soooo lazy.
I cleaned floors and did dishes and laundry and cooked this great chicken& rice stuff for dinner, and cleaned out Mr. Retard's aquarium today, so I felt pretty busy. Unfortunately, none of that involved sewing. And I really need to get this outfit out of the way so I can get back to lolita crap. I have a bag of approx. 1 bajillion disembodied cat ears I made the other day and haven't done anything with.

Ugh.. speaking of XP
Senpu has fleas. Again. I caught him scratching a lot, and found some on him. They drop out of the sky and come for him, I swear. I don't know how he gets them since he never goes outside. We must bring them in by accident or somthing. I need to go to the vet and get another battery of Frontline to put on him. I saw one a few weeks ago and picked it off him& drown it. I'd been meaning to go out to the vet ever since, but I keep forgetting. I need to go this week no matter what, before they get any worse. I combed a few more off of him today since he'd been scratching so much. But I can't leave him flea-infested. It will drive me nuts. He always grows mystery fleas every summer. I should just buy it every year instead of waiting to see some in the summer, and then using the junk on him, but for some reason it's always a shock when he gets them. WTF cat?

Edit: Blouse done. zomgz.
As of yesterday, all I had to do was finish the elastic& hems around the neck. Today I finished all of that....

And then...

I decided I didnt' like how it was looking, and ripped all the seams out -..-
I re-sewed both cuffs& the neckline differently and liked the end result much better. It may not be authentic, or nearly as cool as the other stuff those vendors make, but it'll do just fine. I tried on the black skirt, the white shirt, and the corset, and it looks fine too. I think I was freaking out for nothing. I will, however, have to finish the second skirt, since it just looks awesome with that. I think it also helps cover how strangely the skirt bunches up after I put the corset over it. Or somthing. It would probably help if I shortened that waistband so it fit tighter around the waist and wasn't Mr. Mcdroopypants all over the place, but it's 4AM and I think I've done enough damage for now.
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Sleepy XP

Since it was too late to call Celine about scarborough last night, I told Matt to wake me up super early, like 8AM so I could call and see if we were going today. I figured, if I wake up that early, I'd be able to go back to sleep right away if we arn't going.. and if we ARE, I'll have a chance to shower and put a few finishing touches on the outfit. I went to bed at like 5AM anyway, so I'd be exhausted and it would be easy. He didn't wake me up though XD He woke me up at about 11:30ish inadvertently when he went to bed. I was still tired, so I figured I'd call and see what was going on.
Unfortunately, we didn't go today :( More time to work on that outfit, I guess XP It may end up sitting in the closet for a year or so though until I go again, since next weekend is closing week. I feel that whole thing was an exercise in futility. Oh well D:
I was still really tired when I woke up, but I wasn't able to get back to sleep either. Matt bought some donuts, though, so I had breakfast waiting for me. It's a nice surprise :)

Other than that, I've bene trying to clean up the costume disaster area that my house has become. It always gets this way when I'm workin on last-minute stuff. (It totally didn't help that I ripped out all those hems yesterday and re-did everything. That's time I could have spent finishing the overskirt or cleaning up) I also managed to get to the vet's today. Senpu is currently tormented by the wet slick of frontline on his back that he can't quite reach. I think he may have gotten a taste of it, though, because he keeps making faces and licking his side. He can't reach where I dumped it, though, so it's driving him nuts. Hopefully all the fleas will fall over dead now. XP

I also stopped by Hastings on the way home and tried to pick up a copy of Pan's Labyrinth. They didn't have any of the special editions, and only one or two copies of the regular one. I figure someone hid the regular copy somewhere in the store. Oh.. scratch that. They had ONE copy of the special edition but they wouldn't sell it to me because it was reserved. Boo. The dude working customer service was seriously grouchy, though. He didn't make eye contact, mumbled the whole time, was pretty much unhelpful, etcetc. I noticed he had a very large earlobe. Maybe he was grouchy that Hastings wouldn't let him keep his earplugs XD haha. Anyway... I was thinking about this a bit on the way home.
I'm not adverse to body mods at all. I think smaller ear plugs are cool, and whatever else you want to do is your own thing. I know a lot of people are turned off by these sorts of things, though. Especially here in Waco. I got a lot of shit just for putting a few pink streaks in my hair. It REALLY enforces negative stereotypes when you're a super pissy asshat to people when you have any sort of visible body mods. Tattoos are much more widely accepted now, and while people have been doing earplugs & facial piercings (other than ears) for thousands of years, it's still RELATIVELY new to western society. Certain piercings like the side of the nose are much more widely accepted than say.. surface piercings on the cheek, gums, etcetc. And for a hick place like Waco, earplugs are probably pretty weird to most of the cowboys around here. It just strikes me as a bad then when someone is that grouchy to the general public with mods that wouldn't have made you hirable in most anywhere 10 years ago. I believe some types of extreme visible modifications still make you unhirable in many types of businesses. A lot of places still frown on visible tattoos. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do somthing as small as streaking my hair bright pink my whole life, and I don't even have a job. :X

Anyway.. I can still hear a raccoon thumping around in the roof. I don't really know what to do about it since animal control doesn't care (and doesn't want to help us unless there is an animal in a trap on the ground) and the other places that remove small mammals don't return our calls. I emailed dad for ideas, but he hasn't replied yet either. If that raccoon doesn't come out this next week, I swear I'm going in after it myself
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