May 14th, 2007


Celine~~~ <3

Celine came and visited for dinner tonight :D
She was visiting family in Dallas and stopped by on the way through. We went to that great hick steak place with the giant mural of both George Bush(es) in cowboy gear holding shotguns by Baylor stadium.
Afterwards, we spazzed out at Wal-Mart. I found some new pants (I srsly needed more than 1 pair of presentable blue jeans) and got a (more) adult looking purse.
But that's not all!! XD

We found these FREAKING AWESOME pirate toys. They're like.. generic "YO HO HO" type toys, but they came in a huge set, and they all light up and vibrate and are generally annoying. They're all bright yellow and red and orange, and they're awesome There's a musket, a sword, and a hook, and they all light up and make noise. The sword vibrates, too. It also came with less-exciting stuff (folding telescope that just makes things look blurry, plastic eyepatch, plastic flag (???) ).. but dude. QUALITY! And it was all 9.99. Freaking awesome!
I think I'm going to bring the sword to animefest. There's no way it's a dangerous prop. It's thick dull plastic in a totally unrealistic color. It's great. We forgot to take tard pictures, though.

But seriously, we expected the toy set to be like 20 bucks, and it was half that, so we win!
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