April 23rd, 2007


Ugh.. Mr. Fishie, wtf

Sooooo.. my fish tank has planarians again. I know he gets depressed when the bubbler isn't in there, but the undergravel filter HAS to go. It makes it impossible to get the tank cleaned when I do the water changes. If I want to get the tank cleaned, I need to take EVERYTHING out of it, scrub it down, and put it all back in. So I'm sorry, unnammed fish. No bubbler for you. Maybe I'll find a little thing I can put the air stone in that will sit on the bottom, like those tacky treasure chests or whatever. But I really can't deal with that undergravel filter anymore. It makes the water changes a huge pain in the ass. So, it's gone, and the two pillars& silk plant are all that are in there. It should make it a lot easier to vaccum the gravel when I change the water next week. We'll see.
In other news, I think I figured out what was wrong with him. After two weeks without adjusting the PH of the tank (the PH is retardedly high without any additives) the spots on his fins slowly started to go away. They're still there, but I think that the PH down was burning his fins. If he can deal with an unbalanced PH, it'll be better for his fins, I think. We'll see how he does this week with no PH down, no pimafix, and no bubbler stone. I was really worried that he would get fin rot or pop-eye from all this crap since I was having such a hard time keeping the tank clean. I 'll get good at this one of these days.

Oh! Also exciting news- I think I've figured out what small animal is living in the roof. I think it's a squirrel. I don't think I've posted about it here yet, though? There's some wood rot on one side of the house, and there's a hole that goes into the space between the ceiling inside the house, and the roof above the house. Something got in there and is living in there now. It's creepy to hear it move around. But I'm pretty sure it's squirrels. We've been trying to call this critter control place that says they humanely remove animals without killing them, but they haven't been answering us. I don't want to kill the little buggers, but we can't have the roofers take care of things with squirrels in there. argh