January 15th, 2007



Waco weather has gone a little queer. I woke up to ice out everywhere. A lot of it has melted now, but it's supposedly staying below freezing for a few days. We might even get snow! Weird, huh?
Since it's MLK day, trash, mail, etc isn't going. Most everything else is still open, but some things are closing because people are freaking out. The midnight release for the warcraft expansion is still happening, but I'm not sure how it's going to work out. I was going to go with Celine, but because of the weather, she wasn't able to make it up. I'm going to see if Matt will take his car. Otherwise, I'm not sure I'll go. I don't want to drive his car. But if I don't go to the midnight release, they may not give me my reserve for the collector's editions. On the other hand, if driving conditions arn't safe (because Waco doesn't know how to handle freezing weather), I may not go at all. It's a pain in the ass.

Also, I think my flash card for the camera is just dead. I mean, it said it needed to be formatted, and I figured I lost all the photos on it. But really, I didn't format it because I thought maybe there was a chance of getting some of the data off it.
Well, I wanted to take some pictures today, so I said 'fuck it' to all the old photos and tried to reformat the card. It won't re-format. The computer freaks out and says it's un-re-format-able-bull-bull. So I think I just need a new card before I can take any pictures at all. And that blows. So no nem hat photos anytime soon :/ And no photos of the nameless fishie, and no photos of the weird ass weather. That's a bummer.

And I'm hungry and nothing sounds good right now D: GAH
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3 hours to go

Three hours until I head down to the game shop for the release. I think it's going to take me another week to finish my hat, though. Bummer. I was hoping at a chance of free stuff.. but it's not like I really need a free strat guide (what they usually give away when they do give stuff away). I mean, really... a strat guide for an MMO? XD
I'm pretty excited about the game release, but I'm more nervous about going down to the shop by myself in this weather, and waiting around for an hour before making the terrifying trip back. Ugh. I need to talk to the husband and see what vehicle of death I'm driving down there. I'm hoping it's not his car.....
but it's probably his car -..-
Since it snowed in Temple or whatever, the weather was so bad that poor Celine won't be able to make the trip. I was really looking forward to the visit, but I think I would be mentally scarred for life if she went in this weather and somthing happened to her on the way up to see me. So I'm glad she's staying safe at home.
I also tried getting in touch with a freind that we've played WoW with since game release. I've never met him in person, because he lives off over in the Lampassas area. He got a job in Waco, though, and he told me he'd be commuting until he found a place in town to live. From the sounds of things, he'd have a house or somthing semi-permenant before the expansion came out, so I had made plans to hang out with him at the shop before game release. He hasn't found a place in Waco to live yet, though, so he's not even in town >:P
I didn't call Malophyte, because I ate up a bunch of her time this past weekend and thought she might want a break from me :P Besides... I wasn't entirely sure if Hastings was doing a midnight release or not and I figured she'd probably be working.

So.. If I can make it to the store, keep myself from getting bored while I'm waiting, and make it home safe, I'm golden. I'm just worried about having to drive my husband's car. I don't like driving it, because it goes very fast and makes me nervous. I also hope there isn't any ice on Bosque XP

Hour 45min update:
Matt was going to leave me my car, and take his. But his is dead again. Apparently last time we took it in to get fixed, it didn't do jack fucking shit. So, I drove with him to work and brought my car back with me so I could get the games. I noticed that no one was at starbucks and all the lights were out. The starbucks is right next to the gamestop. I also noticed other places, like Jack in the Box seemed closed, too. I figured on the way back home, I'd just go pay off our copies of the expansion so I'd get through the lines faster, but when I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the game store was closed too, with no sign on the door. I'm going to head back at 11 anyway, but I have a bad feeling that they canceled the release because there was a little ice out. Grrrr. And since I couldn't get ahold of anyone and had to take the car back home, I'm either staying up all night or waking up at 9AM to pick Matt up from work so he can make his doctor's appointment. Why the hell is everyone going insane about a little bad weather??

Edit2: 12:36- Have our copies of the expansion- Installing now :O
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