September 21st, 2006


Petticoat get!

Wow! That was fast! My petticoat came in like... two days after I called about it. It was awesome. Now the cat has a home again.

Is today the official first day of fall? Or is it tomorrow? I always forget if it's the 21st or the 22nd. At any rate, it's finally cooling off. I think the damage to the front yard is pretty irreperable, though. All the grass on one half is dead. There's never really been any grass in the backyard because of all the trees and crap, so I don't mind that so much. But the guy that lives next to us has a GREAT looking lawn. He's an older gentleman, and spends a lot of time outside pampering his lawn. You definitely see the fruits of his endeavors, too. Man.. I want a lawn like that, but without doing any of the work :P At least we're making him look good. By having dead weeds and large patches of brown and shit. Yeah.

What I would LIKE to do is get the watering system fixed, wait until the right time to plant new seed, and then turn up the front yard and seed it. Sod is a lot easier, but I'm really worried about it taking. I think it might just be better to turn up the half that doesn't look so hot and re-seed it in the spring, or whenever it is you do shit like that. I would settle for a lawn that doesn't look like a berber carpet of dead weeds. It doesn't have to be some lush, green, grassy paradise like next door.. but something that doesn't look dead would be spiffy.

Then I think about the tarantula I saw the other day, and don't really want to go out D: ugh. Spiders. We get those giant argiopes, too. ewww