August 23rd, 2006



I'm sewing.


I'm not making anything new. In fact....I'm IMPROVING on an old costume.


Wasn't that amazing? I'm kind of unhappy with the way Mayuri's captain's coat sits. It's a bizzare fabric with some stretch, and I guess I was just in too much of a hurry to have it done by NDK, but there are puckers up and down the neck band. I hate it. No one else probably notices.. BUT I DO D:

So today, I ripped up a large chunk of the neck band, and carefully re-sewed it, tugging on the fabric as little as possible, and I was able to get rid of a lot of puckers! (I think. It looks better to me, at any rate)
I'm also sewing bias tape down the seams on the inside. The inside looks very unfinished, because I do not have a serger, and I did not line it. So I'm attacking it with bias tape. In some of the photos, the neckband liked to flip open, showing a raw seam, and it looked ugly. Hopefully the bias tape will give it some weight to help it lay flat after ironed.. and if it does flip open, it won't look bad.


I still want to go to the fabric store sometime soon and look at the microsuedes, raw silks, and fake indian fabrics for a Lleneth Valkyrie costume. It's the town outfit I posted about once a loooong time ago. I want to make it. It's NOT the outfit in the bottom right corner here, but it's close. I mean.. the sprite art in game looks totally different. I don't know. I want to make the sprite art, with a few more details, but I don't want to make the same pattern that she's wearing in the concept art. Maybe I'll just make what I want, call it a bastardized ghetto costume, and be done with it. I mean.. there's an obvious spoilerlol reason the one I linked to is different.. but whatever XD

Edit: hooray for late night youtube slutting. I keep forgetting how much random stuff you can find on here. Watching old music videos <3
And I saw the PV for that silly Gackt song that was like the Vincentgame theme song.
Zomgz cornrowswhy???