August 20th, 2006


I'm feeling so productive today!

I'm such a packrat. There's so much clutter in our house.. and I know I don't need it all. I have all this sentimental crap I've hung on to throughout the years, and I generally have no idea why this stuff tends to gravitate together.
Today, I'm throwing away a lot of my old college class notes, and TONS of magazines. I kept notes from a lot of classes I liked. I mean.. why??? I threw away a lot of my old school stuff, but I hung on to a lot of my school notes like I was going to go back and look at them again.. or STUDY. Yes, I enjoyed college. But why am I keeping 2 years of Japanese notes? I'm BAD at Japanese, and I'm not exactly going to go back and study.

I am, however, keeping a draft of the VERY large research/essay on the history of homosexuality in Japan, and the different levels of acceptance in contrast to western culture. It was pretty much a wank-fest of pretentious garbage, but everytime I think about how it upset my Japanese history teacher, I giggle a little bit. And it really was well-written XD

I am also keeping a few essays I wrote for my east asian philosophy course. I dont' remember paying a lot of attention in those classes, but I feel some of these papers that I wrote were genius. So I'm keeping them. And I do read them occassionally when I'm cleaning and I find them. So yeah.

I'm throwing away all my Mixx magazines and Tokyopop mags.. lawl. I don't know why I held onto these. I mean.. it was REALLY cool being able to pick up a mag with sailormoon/rayearth in it.. but I have both the japanese and english tankouban collections for sailor moon.. and I have some rayearth. So whatever XD
Goodbye! Into the trash you go. (I double checked ebay to make sure there wern't some sentimental tards collecting them. someone's trying to offload a huge stack like me and can't even get 6 bucks for them. They're so heavy.. they cost more than that to ship XD )

I also have a stack of textbooks the university wouldn't buy back at the end of the semester. By definition, this makes them kind of worthless. But they were so expensive, so I feel bad just trashing them. But you think about it... no one is EVER going to use them. They no longer serve a purpose other than to keep me from tossing more clutter on various shelves. I won't make any money trying to get rid of them, etc. So it really just feels like throwing money down the tube... but technically I did that years ago when I bought them for classes, right? I guess I should trash these too.
Edit: Out of curiosity, I checked like 4 different textbook buyback sites, and they wouldn't take ANY of them except for 1 paperback study guide book. The site that would take the study guide wanted to give me 5 bucks for it, but have me pay shipping. Whatever XD

Still need to go through the old VHS fansubs.
But hey!! I found a peice of paper with my dad's recipie for BBQ sauce. His is the only BBQ sauce I really like D:

Edit: That interests collage that's been going around. Some of this stuff was like WTF
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