August 5th, 2006



I haven't sewn a damned thing! lololololol

I NEED to make a harnass for the wings I am lending lysariala. This is somthing I HAVE to do, or she can't wear them. I know I have another clip for the front somewhere, but I really need to get off my ass and do the rest. I have been doing a few wing repairs (gluing more feathers on, and this will continue.

I checked the guests page on the con site again, and it turns out that Ueda-san is joining Yoshitoshi ABe at the con. I'm happy about this, because they've worked on a lot of stuff together (not to mention Ueda working on the first Hellsing series& other stuff), and I really enjoyed the interviews with the two of them in the Haibane box set. I'm thinking about just bringing the collector's box thinger to get autographed, and leaving all the DvDs at the house. I have the box for Hellsing, too, but I think I would need like a silver sharpie for that one. But since both worked on Haibane, I'll probably just bring that one. I don't have Technolyxe, so I can't bring any of that to get autographed. I'm stupidly excited to go to the panels& autograph sessions for these guys D:
Maybe I'm just excited to see guests I am looking forward to. Animefest is the ONLY con that comes through for me in Texas, I swear :X And it's not that I'm biased towards the con or staff (I am), but I really do love this con, and love the guests they get. <3

I'm only partially sad I'm still stubbornly not going to Oni-con, especially since Amano will be there. However, I would feel like a complete tool showing up for autographs in two Amano FF costumes. Why? Well, most amano costumes are in the "spirit" of the original design. no matter how you try, it's amazingly difficult to get it exactly spot-on.
The only guy I know that went for a 100% accurate costume is this guy. And yes, his costume is indeed awesome. :X But he spent MONTHS painting fabric by hand, and that would drive me insane. (We were actually making our gogos at exactly the same time. I sent him an email when I saw an in-progress picture, and we chatted a little bit. He sent me a WAV he recorded of playing the gogo theme on his accordion. He is awesome :D )
I stand by my personal choices in the fiberglassed armor bits, etc.. realizing mine is not 100% accurate, and I love the costume. But I don't know. As someone that used to scribble on paper once a long time ago, I think it would be kind of offensie for me to just show up in some pile of rags I threw together and say "ZOMGZ I LURVE U. LOOK AT MAH AMAZIN' AMANO COSTUME!"

Oh yeah. I guess I'm also kind of over-looking the fact taht even if I went to the panels in street clothes, did NOT bring the costume with me, etcetcetc. I still wouldn't go to Oni :X

Oh well. Back to Suikoden5. My amazing Magatama army just aquired Amala castle. I will now wreak havok and recruit a bajillion people and bitch about how I have tons of bonsai, but the pedestals will only let me display statues I don't have. D:
(yeah, I finally beat DDS2, and cried with how stupid the game gets after you go to the sun)