February 1st, 2006


Tarding up your costumes

Lately I've been thinking about re-making my Tatara/Sarasa costume with better materials.
Like a thicker bottomweight, etc.. making it look a lot more "authentic"

I've also been thinking about breaking down and making a phantom brave costume. I've been considering a Scarlet costume for a while now. Probably not Scarlet the brave, but Scarlet the old landlady. :P Her hair is a really weird pinkish red color, though.. and about my length.. I'd hate to have to get a wig for it, but I think in the end, I'd have to.
If I made a landlady scarlet outfit, I could probably get away with wearing it to renfaires if I add enough corsets& beer steins.

Anyway.. I've been catching up on house work and thinking more about my future sewing projects. I really haven't felt that motivated for the past year or so.. and I feel like I've kind of lost my "right" to cosplay cute characters. Norn is cute... but I'm starting to feel old. I've also been thinking about new panels, since we decided to stop doing Iron Cosplay. My goal is to come up with a panel that is fun and engaging, but doesn't involve me schlepping a bunch of crap all over the place every time I want to run it.

Oh.. and I want to get a lot more wear out of my Mayuri costume in the future...
But I want to wear my hat correctly >:O I checked NDK photos, and I did, in fact, have it on the right way there. I was just a total tard at Afest.

As shown in my last entry, norn/klein photos, and one silly mayuri/ishida photo are all up on my cosplay.com gallery...