November 28th, 2005


Today I did stuff. As opposed to the usual not doing stuff.

Akuma woke me up bright and early at the crack of noon to go see the new Harry Potter movie. I know I'm a bit late, and damn near every one of you has seen it already, but I'm not really afforded the luxury of seeing movies on opening weekend. Because of Akuma's work schedule, I sometimes have to wait a week or two before we can go, and I don't do movies by myself.
One of my Warcraft guildmates totally ruined the end for me, though. And I don't mean "OMG SPOILERS" because I've read the book already. It was ruined in a different way, so I thought I'd share and ruin it for you, too. XD
The conversation started innocently enough. Someone asked, "Have you seen that movie Old School with Will Ferrel?" It was kind of a coincidence, because Akuma& I just watched it a few days ago. So he said "You know that part at the end of Harry Potter when Harry comes back with Cedric, and his dad starts yelling 'That's my boy!!!!!! That's my boy; ??" (The emotional part at the end)
So I was like... um.. yeah...
He said "Well, it reminded me of that part in Old School where he was like "THAT'S MY BOY, BLUE!!"
And I was thinking... oh my god.. D:
So when I saw the movie today, I was crying my eyes out at the end until his dad said that... then I kind of snickered a little bit to myself, and it ruined the mood. Heh

After that, we realized the movie was so damned long, we missed the lunch window at Shogun. We decided to go to the mall and take care of a few things we've neglected for a while. I bought some more Juniper body spray from Bath& body works while Akuma looked at a new cel phone contract with T Mobile. As many of you already know.. my Sprint cel phone is a peice of shit. It has not really survived full submersion in orange clean, water& recently coffee. The buttons don't work now, and it powers down randomly. It's basically useless. But my data is still in there. And that bothers me, because I can't get to it. When we tried messing with akuma's cel phone yesterday, we realized that his didn't work either anymore.. which kind of sucks, because it was a cool phone.
Anyway... since Sprint was total bastards last time we talked to them about buying new phones, we decided to cancel our contract and get a new one with T-Mobile. (When we went to sprint, they wouldn't cut us any deals with our phones, even though our current ones were about 2 years old, and we've had a contract with them for a long time. They required we pay the full price of the new phones up front, and wait for a coupon to come in the mail to send back and get a rebate. It was a lot of work for a very small discount. Besides. Our coverage sucks. We get 0 bars in our house, and people's cel phone just stop working when they visit us.)
So, I went with a cheapie 20 dollar phone, so I wouldn't feel bad if it got totally trashed somehow. The funny part is.. this cheap 20 dollar phone is like 100% nicer and fancier than my old phone, which was probably more expensive back when we got it. Since they had very limited choices on the cheap phones, the one I got ended up being the exact same model my brother has. Which is good, because I'm so fucking confused with the difference between the different text messaging options. And I can't figure out why I can't get consistant upper and lower case when entering names for new numbers. I don't like all CAPS, but this phone model has me stumped on how to get things the way I want it. I guess I could read the manual, but hey..bothering my brother is a lot easier.
Too bad his cel phone number is in my old cel phone... which I cannot acces... because the buttons don't work... :/

He was supposed to come visit me during Thanksgiving weekend, and he didn't :(

I really wanted to go visit Dad, but Akuma said that his parents might be visiting, so we didn't go anywhere. I found out today, though, that his parents decided to come visit for Christmas instead, which is cool... but I would still like to go visit my Dad sometime. I haven't seen him in a while, and I miss him. Also, I love going to Spec's. :O
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