October 25th, 2005


Doing nothing& taking names

Well.. a few days ago, I did a crapload of cleaning, so now I'm procrastinating to make up for it.
I still don't have my halloween costume yet :P
Anyway... last weekend, Celine came over with R-kun, and we farted around and went to a haunted-house type place. We went to SCREAMS in Waxahachi. It's held at the same place they have Scarborough Faire, but they dress everything up for halloween. It was super cheesey, but a lot of fun. We decided to spend our hour waiting in line at the Maze instead of the other places. It was a lot of fun. It had the potential to be super lame.. but they had strobe lights up, and it made everything really disorienting. It was cool. Plus.. everytime we thought we found an exit, we were going the wrong way :P They had dudes in costume, dressed up like horror movie villains, running around scaring people. I laughed at them all for the most part, because I wasn't scared, and they were doing a great job of freaking out the blonde ditzes and little kids :) The Scream guy made me jump when he was waiting for us around a corner and slammed his hands against the wall :O Louds noises! It was great.
Anyway.. Celine wore my devi hat, and I wore the prinny hat I bought at Animefest.. and the Dallas Observer thought we were a hoot :O So, we got free tickets to see Danzig tomorrow. I don't know if we're going to go, though. Celine can't make it, and Akuma is working. If R-kun can get time off to go, though, I'll definitely go with him.
I swear that guy sounds like Jim Morrison.

I've also been playing Shadow of the Colossus. I think I can beat it today. We'll see. I broke the game last night, and it made me sad. There are 16 colossals, and I'm on #14. I would have kicked his ass yesterday if I hadn't glitched the game. The boss started to charge me, I ducked out of the way, and he got STUCK on a peice of terrain. It was great. He was armored, so I couldn't kill him.. and he was stuck in his run animation at a pillar. I had to take a while to set this up, too.. and he ran at the wrong pillar and got stuck D: So, I decided to take a break from it.. and I'll probably beat the game today.

Throat's been kinda sore-ish for the past three days. I'm having all sorts of fun skin and scalp reactions to the cold fronts, too. I almost just want to get sick and get it over with >:(